Sunday, January 07, 2007


Just as I was about to post this the first time, it crashed and it was all gone. Anyway, last week was so not a good week for us around here. First of all, there was the sick baby to contend with - poor thing, I felt bad, but he basically wanted to be held non-stop. The good news is the girls stayed with my mom for 3 days. The bad news is that I had planned to get 1,001 things done while they were gone and managed to do none of it. I did however manage to watch too much of VH1's America's Next Top Model Mega Marathon. I now know all about being fierce, finding the light and being a model from the top of my head to the tips of my fingers and toes! Now if I could only grom 4-5 inches, lose 10 pounds, tighten all my muscles and get perky breasts, I'd be all set ;-) Aside from a sick child, we were 30 minutes away from our house contract being cancelled, mostly thanks to my lawyer and realtor - which I am SOOO mad at. Seriously, they are driving me nuts. I want to fire them, not pay them, etc, etc. But I *think nothing else can go wrong at this point so dh said to hang in there until we close. Anyway, we talked to the seller on Friday - which is how we knew the contract would be cancelled, since out lawyer apparently ignored a letter from their lawyer that required a response by Thursday at 5. Our guy NEVER responded. I am so mad. They were confused as to why we hadn't responded - they were being told that we were feeling "eh, we can take the house or lose it. No biggie. We can find another one" Which is SO far from the truth! I am so thankful they called to talk to us - they really could have cancelled the contract at 9am Friday since our idiot lawyer never responded. But they didn't and called instead. DH called the lawyer and got him to take care of the issue ASAP. The sellers said that they feel our realtor is misrepresenting us to them, which makes me even more upset with her than I already am. I do think now we are set until closing, so as long as we show up on time with the right amount of money, we should be all good! It was not a good day here Friday though, my son cried almost all day long from not feeling well, I thought we were losing the house, I was stressed and tired and worn out. Yesterday though we went away for the night to Indianna - to the Essenhaus to celebrate Christmas with my dad's family. It was fun and just what I needed after last week! I found out one of my cousins is expecting her very first little one and am thrilled for them. We had lots of food, laughter, games and talking - a good time. Then it was back home to reality today. And tonight we got a swift dose of it ... my 4 year old woke up just an hour ago screaming and coughing. She sounds like she is not breathing so well too. She was fine when we put her to bed at 8. DH and are trying to figure out what to do with her .... I am honestly wondering if it was an asthma-type attack. I swear she was fine just several hours before then, and all of the sudden coughing, raspy breathing, poor thing :-( I hope it is nothing too serious, and that this upcoming week is much more pleasant than the last one!

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