Friday, January 12, 2007

Blah ...

So tomorrow night my dh is having some friends over to play cards. One of the friends is moving away and this is the last card hand before he leaves ...
Normally that would be all fine and dandy, however, of course, this time it simply is not.
One "friend" will be here who is definitely not a friend at this point. He happens to be someone I don't want to see or talk to let alone play hostess to.
My dh promised he did not invite him, but someone else in the group did - not knowing. So now I have to be here at my home feeling awkward and uncomfortable in my house. He should be the one who feels like a jack @ss, but really, I will feel very uncomfortable. I am pretty sure the kids and I will avoid the areas of the house they will be using like the plague.
But I hate this. And I really don't want him here truth be told.
Maybe he'll feel so idiotic and stupid he won't dare talk to me ... I'm betting though he'll try to apologize (he tried once by calling. I was not able to answer the phone and a message was left. I never called back). I surely hope not, not in front of everyone ... I don't think most people know what happened and if I were him, I certainly wouldn't want people to know the story, since basically he made an @ss of himself.
So anyway, here's hoping I survive tomorrow night, that is if the anxiety I'm already feeling today over it doesn't give me a heart attack!


Anonymous said...

OK, now I am dying to know what this guy did! LOL

Lisa said...

Me too! It must have been pretty bad.