Monday, January 29, 2007

Calgon ... take me away!

You may have noticed I'm not posting much these days.
It is because for almost the entire month of January I have had at least one sick child. Our house is being swamped by colds and viruses and coughs and fevers and runny noses.
We go through about a box of kleenex a day. We have humidifiers going, medicine dispension down to a science, the crib at an angle, a stock of children and infants tylenol, motrin, advil, cough medicine, runny nose medicine. We have tried to bribe the children to take echanacia (and no, it did not work), we have pushed water, sprayed more lysol and other disinfectants, washed sheets, rewashed sheets, vaccuumed several times a day, prescribed rest and relaxation.
My kids are still getting sick. Primarily the younger two have bounced it back and forth. Which stinks, because little man has asthma, so any cold he gets goes straight to his lungs. And when he gets sick, he gets crabby and needs to be held and needs to get a lot of attention. The middle one, I always thought she got sick because she still sucks her thumbs and thanks to the sensory issues is terrified of soap.
And now, yesterday, my oldest was hit with a cold. Of course she was. Because tonight is the play she is in and her choir concert. The child can not go more than 30 seconds without coughing. She hardly slept last night. She sounds terrible, looks worse, and is miserable. So, you know what the means? It means this afternoon I will be scrambiling around on the phone, talking to the choir teacher and the drama teacher and explaining to them why Abigial won't be at the performance tonight.
Yesterday we forewarned her that she might miss the show (as we were also trying to bribe her to chew up her yummy echanacea pill which she didn't think was yummy nor did she ever eat after gagging and spitting out 3 of them we gave up trying) and she was so upset.
Today I told her since she is only getting worse and not better I didn't think she would be there and she kind of looked at me, said "okay" and then looked off into space somewhere again. Now I know without a doubt this child is sick.
I am losing my mind. There wasn't much left to begin with, but all this sickness is making me go crazy.
I have a feeling it has to do with the odd weather we had to start off this 2007 new year ... but my kids who have never had strong immune systems to begin with, just can't get over it.
I am starting to wonder if I am making them sick, if I am doing something wrong that is making them get it. Dh said aside from putting them in a medical bubble and never ever letting them leave the house again nor allowing anyone else to come in contact with them, there isn't anything else he thinks we can do. We push the fruits and veggies, we limit the sugar, we have a mostly clean house, we wash hands, we get fresh air, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.
And yet, they are sick. It seems like they are always sick. And I'm starting to lose my mind. I have hardly left the house this month. It seems 90% of my excursions out of the house are to the doctor. I have already paid several hundred dollars in medical expenses - and we aren't through the first month of the year!
If you happen to be of the praying sort, would you please pray that we could have a few weeks of a healthy period - especially with the move we will be making over the next few weeks? Thanks ... this one step away from completely losing it mom would really appreciate it!

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