Thursday, January 25, 2007

Changes ...

Lots and lots of changes happen over here ... thankfully all good changes that everyone in the family appreciates!

First, we are less than a week away from closing. At first we thought we would take our time moving into the new house. Afterall, we theoretically have this house for 2 more months. But as we approach the closing date and the thought of having our own house and own space is much, much too appealing and I think we will be moving in there pretty darn quickly. At this point I think we are planning on being moved in in 2-3 weeks. I can NOT wait. I am packing, packing, packing what I can.

Secondly, I am falling asleep earlier and earlier each night. I have to say, I'm still laying in bed awake for over an hour each night, but you know what ... my dh was right. It is so nice to go to bed with him. We talk, we laugh, we goof off, we feel connected because we crawl into bed and have that time just for us to talk and catch up and I am loving it. I admit, I am still missing my time at night, however, I am also waking earlier and earlier each day. I am still waking with the kids (who, managed to somehow also all decide to wake up earlier over the last few weeks!).

Not only has this change forced me to bed earlier and allowed to wake up earlier without being grumpy, it has changed how our days flow. I used to be one of those people who looked at the clock at 5:00 pm, realized dh would be home in about an hour and scramble around to tidy up, finish dishes, clear the table, while trying to make dinner and deal with the kids. Which usually meant, the time before dinner wasn't exactly everyone's favorite time around here. But now, I am getting things done much earlier in the day. One day last week I got up to make lunch at 10:30 in the morning! I have to say, it is giving our days a nicer flow and things aren't being squished in a few afternoon hours.

All of this stuff going on is really forcing me to look at myself and think how can I do things better - be a better mother, better wife, better care-taker around the house. Sometimes that can be good and other times, well, there might be some things about me that I just don't want to admit, let alone change! But it's coming. And rigth now, it's making life better. And I think in the long term it will make life much better. And I'm glad for that.

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