Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Ramblings ...

Just a rambling post out of me tonight ...
I did some more packing today. Not too many things, but enough. Still not enough things packed that you can tell we've packed anything - which is a weird feeling to have so much in boxes and yet, having very few spots look empty. I am not sure this house will look that empty even when we are completely packed and moved. That happens when you are a home loaner and most of the furniture stays here.
The current plan is to empty out our storage units first, get all of that unpacked in the new house, and then pack up all the things we use daily here and move that way. This gives us a couple of advantages - mostly because all the pots/pans/plates/dishes/towels that are in this house, stay in this house. We have our own sets in storage. You know how nice that will be - I will get to move essentially from one full kitchen/bath to another full kitchen/bath! I'm sure this will be the only time that ever happens but it will be SO nice for sure. And to top it all off, we can take our time - we close on the new one Jan 31, and we have this house until April/May. So should the weather stay really cruddy or we get som emajor snow/ice, we don't have to rush to move. So nice. I feel positively spoiled when I think about it all.

Aside from that, we've just been hanging out around the house lately. Babyboy's asthma is terrible. Just terrible. I don't like taking him out - not because staying home protects him (it doesn't because germs still get in) but because he sounds awful and looks sick and we get a lot of dirty looks. Our two main looks say a) what kind of terrible mother are you bringing out an obviously sick child when you should be at home letting him rest and taking care of him or b) get your obviously sick child away from me and my family. How dare you bring him out with those germs and infect the rest of us!
Sometimes I want to make a shirt that says "I have asthma. It is not contagious. If my mom did not take me out of the house when it is acting up, I would NEVER get to leave my house and I actually like getting out once and a while. My parents are not negligent in bringing me out nor are we infecting you or any of your precious family members at this moment, but thank you for your concern. Have a great day.
I know, I know ... don't let other people's looks get to me and for all I know I could be interpretting their looks completely wrong (well, if you don't count the people who actually will walk up and say something to me about it!).
But still, it's easier to stay home and just avoid the whole ordeal and instead go out when dh is here or get dh to do the weekly grocery shopping or get a sitter and do it all myself.
The point of the rambling is when you stay home all day, for a few days, you get very demotivated to do much at all. Thankfully tomorrow I will get out for a bit - I think I need it at this point. The days are blurring together and I'm fully able to admit I sit typing in the same pajamas I put on to go to bed last night. Really, why change - I didn't go anywhere. I'm saving laundry and hence water usage this way, right? Right. Of course - just smile and nod here people.

Hopefully getting out tomorrow will allow me to feel human again and I am praying that if the weather calms down, babyboy's asthma will get better and not frighten so many people in public!

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