Thursday, January 04, 2007


So, my son is still sick, but thankfully better. Now my dh tells me the people we are buying a house from said we have too many demands and if we ask for one more thing, they will tear up our contract and move to their back-up offer. Crap. That's soooo not good. If we lose this house, I will cry, I mean it. Just break out into big fat alligator tears and cry. We obviously didn't think we were making too many demands. Well, there is history there - we really did - but it wasn't from dh and I. Our realtor (without our permission) added a ton of things to a letter we sent them. We called and let them know that they should ignore all but the two we cared about and moved on. [FTR: They were upset then as well and also threatened to go to the back-up offer]. This is so frustrating. We are 95% sure the back-up offer is higher than our offer, so I don't know, maybe they are looking for a reason to break our contract? Yet, I don't want to lose this house. I love it. I. Love. It. ::sigh:: Dh told the lawyer to write them a letter saying that it's fine if they decline the latest thing - but really, wouldn't a "no, we won't do that" have sufficed? Instead of a "NO AND IF YOU ASK FOR ONE MORE THING WE WILL RIP UP THIS CONTRACT AND GO TO OUR BACK-UP OFFER AND IN CASE YOU ARE WONDERING THEY DID CALL BECAUSE THEY STILL WANT THIS HOUSE AND SO WE KNOW THEY ARE WAITING FOR IT TO FALL THROUGH!" Please, cross your fingers, toes, legs, arms, etc ... that we survive until January 31 and get this house. EDIT: Apparently they were very unhappy twice today - once this am and once this afternoon. Our lawyer tried to push a change on the contract (that neither dh or I knew about) and dh, in his oh so infinite wisdom tried to push through an item they already said no too. I could strangle my realtor, lawyer and my dh at this point. If we lose the house due to either of those three people, it will not be pretty people. Anyway, they were awfully upset this afternoon, so dh told the lawyer that we will accept all they have said - offered and not offered at this point and hopefully we can make it to closing. We do not plan to bug them again until we firm up the closing time. The only thing that bothers me about this is a)several people did things without consulting me. Hello. I have a say in this too I thought! And b)the neighborhood is tight-knit. I have a feeling we will move in and already be known as huge asses by some of the neighbors. I swear we in no way at all intended to offend the sellers or make them mad. We are buying their house ... we want to make sure all the things that should work do and there is nothing bad there. We get that they want to make the most money possible, but we want the best value possible. I really hope they aren't nearly as upset at us as their lawyer told our lawyer, and I really hope they haven't bad-mouthed us too much to the neighbors. Ugh. I hate this. Hate. This. A. Lot. I'm so nervous something else will happen - since our lawyer and realtor both like to ask for things we don't want them to ask for. I swear, if something else goes wrong, I will explode. All over. Into a million little pieces.

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