Wednesday, January 03, 2007

So Sad

My little babyboy is sick. He has his first real fever, and boy, did he decide to be dramatic. It's highest has been 104.6, which, well, frankly scares me! It's so high ... I know that smaller kids can go higher than adults, but still. I don't like that number. Medicine got him down to 102ish, then after an hour back up. The bath got him down to about 102ish and within a half hour back up. 20 minutes ago I dosed him again and we'll see where it takes him. Dh and I can also feel his heart racing :-( Poor baby. My never-sit-still-always-touching-something-wiggly-constantly-moving child has been pretty much laying all day, mostly on me. Which on one hand, I have to say, well, I kind of liked snuggling with him. I just wish he was cuddling with me without being sick and without feeling like a human heater. Not only does he have a fever, but his entire body is just radiating heat. Poor thing. My doctor, who I called right at closing, after realizing just how high his temperature was, told me if I didn't think I could wait to see her until tomorrow, that we should feel free to take him to the ER anytime tonight. But, well, I don't want to do that if I can avoid it. So I'm crossing my fingers we can get this fever under control and that tomorrow morning I will see some spark in my little man again. I miss his spunkiness! Anyway, I'll probably be MIA for another day or so, until he is feeling better and more himself.

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