Monday, January 01, 2007


So 2007 is here! And I am ready to face it head on! Last year was an interesting year for me. Not one I really want to repeat to be honest! It wasn't all bad ... but there were a lot of parts that weren't that fun for me. Lots of sleepless nights, lots of being cramped and out of space, lots of sharing when I didn't want to share, and too much putting off what I really wanted because someone else's wants in the house trumped mine! That said, this last year was a year of incredible growth for me! I think this year was good in that I feel like I am finally grown up, that I am coming into my own as a person - and probably knowing who I was and what I really wanted caused a lot of the feeling I was having to delay what I wanted for others, because for the first time I had really clear wants and desires! And this year, in just a few months, I will get almost everything a want - a house of my own. A home that I can decorate how I want, where I can put up my children's pictures, where I can arrange furniture how I want it, where I can childproof and decided what I want to cook for dinner and really just run my house the way I want it. That said, I will miss granny and grandpa terribly. Living in their home has really been wonderful - they are so sweet - I just love them to pieces. My children love them to pieces. And really, they helped us out in so many ways we can never fully repay them! All this gushy-gushy feelings might seem in contrary to what I posted above about the frustration in living here, but my frustrations are not with granny and grandpa, it was simply with the living arrangement in general. They never did anything to purposefully go the way I didn't want to, and the truth of the matter is that had I asked and requested things to be different, they almost always would have changed for me. I rarely asked because it's their house. I felt bad. We moved in here. They have their ways, their likes and their dislikes. I did not want to ask them to change all for me, so I didn't. And I survived! That's the good news in all of this, I survived! And looking back, it never was that bad, but in the middle of it - in the middle of wanting my own space, or to eat at 5 instead of 6, or wanting to put up child gates and locks - it felt a lot worse than it really was. In the end, I think it made me stronger. And I'm glad it never spilled over into being mad at grannie and grandpa - since it was never their fault to begin with. I'm glad I recognized that and could seperate it all in my head (Now, I was quite mad at dh on more than one occasion over the course of the last year, but that has been resolved and now I love him more than ever!). I will miss living here. I will. I will miss the location, the people, the love in this house - but I am even more excited to get into my new house, to make new friends, to come back and visit with the old, to create memories in our new house and to make it a place that is as loving and open and warm as here =) And the new house I believe will consume all the time this year that isn't already taken up by my husband, and the kids, and school, and all that jazz. I imagine it will take quite some time to unpack and decide the best place for all our things, not to mention the shopping to fill the house with furniture and the simple things like towels and rags and decor items (and who knows what else we have to purchase that we forgot we got rid of when we moved here or didn't survive a 2 year storage stay!), and decorating! I can't wait to decorate my house. To pick pictures, get them framed, hang them up and to fill bookshelves and cabinents and drawers! Oh I just can't wait! Happy 2007 and to all of you! I hope that you sit here, looking at a new year coming and feel as much anticipation and happiness as I am right now! =)

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