Wednesday, August 31, 2005

So sad ....

I just can not believe the devastation left behing in the wake of Katrina :-(
The images are breaking my heart. The stories are breaking my heart. When I think of all the lives lost, people who have so much in dealing with this. And not only do they have to deal with it now, but so many people will be displaces for sooo long. All the people they are moving to the astrodome .. I am glad they have found better shelter for them, but now they are saying they may stay there for a month?! I can't imagine. They are dealing with so much, and then to be displaced like that? And how many of them will leave the dome in a month only to go back to find their house gone, ruined, destroyed? Ugh.
And it makes me mad. We knew the storm was coming. Warnings were issued. Why couldn't they move the eldery out of the area? Why couldn't they get people who couldn't leave for whatever reason out BEFORE it all hit? Why weren't the levies built to handle anything over a Catergory 3 storm? They are saying hte deadliest hurricane in 100 years? Well, the technology in 100 years has come so far. I can't comprehend how this could happen.
Things were not made to handle a storm like this. Why not? I know the chances of a category 5 hurricane are slim, but the possibility has existed. They kept saying "it is the storm we have feared would hit for a long time." Well, then if they had been fearing it (and that makes me think expecting it would hit sometime, just not knowing when) why the heck does it feel like the storm caught officials so off guard?!?!
Grrr ... the loss of life, the sad stories. Sigh. My heart is breaking for them. We have already donated money to organizations that will help, but I tell you, it just does not feel like it is nearly enough. Here I sit, in my nice house, with my family, not knowing need for food, water, shelter. Living a mostly comfortable life. Why did it hit them and not me? Why down there and not somewhere else? I suppose luck of the draw of the weather patterns. It just stinks that it is happening. It feels like we didn't do enough to get things in order before the hurricane hit and it feels like it's hard to do enough for it now on a personal level.

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