Monday, August 29, 2005

25 weeks down ....

15-17 to go! I realized over the weekend I am mentally ready to have this baby. Adding this baby to our family does not scare me anymore. It does not cause me anxiety. In fact, I am feeling excited and anxious to greet this little person! This is a big feat for me as the amount of anxiety I experienced during my first 2 pregnancies was VERY VEYR VERY high. I only wish I had achieved this sort of peacefullness feeling during my last two pregnancies. I'm glad I have finally found it ... better late than never I guess.
I have, however, been feeling much anxiety over Katrina. I'm not even in the path, but I am thinking of all the many people who are in the path, or have survived her already. The images are just so sad :-( Many prayers going out to people affected by it.

I had another PT appointment today. We were able to get my hip back in place. She said I was almost perfectly alligned (which is a good thing). She gave me stretches to start doing and at my next appointment she will give me actual exercises to help my back out. I walked out feeling great and so upbeat. Then tonight I was just walking along at the library (to get baby name books) and all of a sudden something just gave. I don't know what it was, but I was limping pretty badly and on the verge of tears :-( I came home and rested and it wasn't so bad. I'm hoping tomorrow I wake up and it's fine. But if it's not, my PT is back in the office Wed. am so I can call and talk to her.
And, worse than that, my 2 year old is sick :-( She was constipated all day today. This is now the third time this summer it has happened (it's like it happens every 5 or 6 weeks poor thing). So we've been through it twice already. I called dh and asked him to bring prune juice home and all that jazz. Right before bed, she was sitting on my lap complaining her tummy hurt bad. I figured it was from being constipated and just kind of tried to help her calm down (hoping if I could get her to relax maybe she would get that poop out). And she kept complaining. So dh picked her up to carry her upstairs and wouldn't you know it ...the poor kid threw up everywhere. She was just crying :-( and miserable. I hate when she gets sick. I hope it's nothing serious. I hope her stomach was maybe just acting up becuase of the constipation, but it hasn't happened the last 2 times we've dealt with it. So she got a bath (although she still smells cuase it was in her hair and washing hair was not going to go over well), and went to bed. So far she's been sleeping and it's been about 3 hours. I hope that in the am she back to her normal self and feeling better. I just hate having sick kids :-(
My 5 year old was complaining she didn't feel good around dinner time - we assumed that she was just looking for extra attention since M was getting it for her tummy issues. But now I wonder ... I'll have to keep an extra eye on her tomorrow. Because if one is really sick with something, I will expect the other to be sick with it as well! But, man, it is just breaking my heart :-(

Anyway, I am trying to keep in mind that we are in our own house, we are not dealing with no power and a big storm. And all of those that are dealing with teh storm and devastation it is leaving in it's wake are in my prayers tonight.

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Leslie M. said...

Oh, Brandie ... Ick! : ( My heart is totally with ya on this! Having sick little kiddos is just not a fun thing for anyone! We'll be praying for your little cutiepies and hoping that the icky sick bug goes away very SOON! : )