Tuesday, August 09, 2005

School time!

Yesterday we officially kicked off our school year. We didn't do anything too special, aside from reading, writing, math and some science! LOL! And so far, my dd is pretty much blowing me away. She is flying through her reading lessons, which is fine with me. She is finally picking up on the concept of sight words and is learning to recognize them. I am beaming with pride over her. Math is going along so-so. We are trying to learn about place value ... she gets the concept but can't translate it into words. I.E. if I give her (with manipulatives) 4 of the hundreds, 2 of the tens and 6 of the units, she knows which are the 100's, the 10's, the units, etc. She can place htem on a place value chart perfectly. But she can't translate it to "Four hundred twenty-six." I think she's never had to "read" a number past 100, so of course it wouldn't be in her mind. I took for granted that she would learn it in 10 minutes though since she is flying through everything else! LOL! She'll get it in time - my guess is by the end of the week after she gets some more practice with it.
But so far, so good. My 2 year old does "school" too while the 5 year old and I work. Basically she colors some pictures and plays games I give her! It's pretty darn cute becuase she is so proud of her work when she gets it done too! Today she helped us count our 100's, 10's and units pieces.
So, after 2 days, everything is going very smoothly =)

On another note, I reconnected with a what I thought was a long lost friend! I am so excited. We talked for quite some time today on the phone, and next week we are going to get together with our kids! I can not wait =) It completely made my day to hear from her. Woo-hoo =)

Overall, it's been a good week so far. I hope the rest goes as well =) Next week we have some busy plans as well, so that week should fly by very quickly. Time is starting to fly by for me. Maybe that's cause I am finally not puking and I feel pretty healthy all of a sudden! Yeah!

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