Sunday, August 14, 2005

Ultrasound today ...

I had my ultrasound today. It sucked! LOL!
I don't get it done by my midwives. I have to go to the hospital to get an ultrasound technition to do it for me. Which means, they tell you nothing. They take their measurements, print up a report, and send it off to the doctor/midwife and let them tell you what it all means.
I wanted to know things!
At first I could see the screen. I know I'm 22 weeks 6 days right now. The u/s machine came out with measurements at 24 weeks 3 days. Not that I'll get my due date changed, but I' thinking I got a big baby ROFL!! (The average 22 weekers is 1.0 lb and a 24 weeker is 1.4 lb. That's a big difference at this stage in the game!). So I said, "Oh looks like I'm having a big baby!" kind of jokingly. He turned the screen so I couldn't see anything anymore! I was kind of annoyed at that @@ I understand he can't tell me anything, but I wish now I had kept my mouth shut so he wouldn't have turned the darn machine. So he wouldn't/couldn't tell me how big the u/s was measuring the baby, the due date the u/s was predicting, if all the measurements were normal or not. Nothing @@
Then, I told him right away "I do NOT want to know the gender." He said that's fine, he wouldn't tell unless specifically asked. So at the end he told me he could point out features (apparently that is allowed) and he showed me head, heart, spine, hands, then he showed me the legs. While showing me the legs, he literally showed me a shor of the legs from the front. Something was inbetween those legs. Was it an umbillical cord or a penis? I don't know. But something was there. I have a profile shot of the baby he printed for me and in that picture, I can see the umbillical cord ... it comes out from the babies belly button and goes straight out ... it is not going between the legs in that shot. So I'm leaning towards the fact that I saw a penis today. But the baby could have moved, so who really knows?
Then he gave 4 pictures, one profile picture (that is so cute!) 2 pictures of the baby's face looking directly at us (which honestly, look a bit creepy and skeleton-like) and then of a foot. No one can figure out the foot picture - I showed some people. But an aunt looked at it and said she thought she figured it out, and right next to the leg she swears she sees a penis.
::sigh:: Of course I am really hoping for a boy. And I really want a boy. And if I had to guess, I'm going to guess boy right now. But I hate to get my hopes up because 1)the shot I saw there could be an umbilical cord and 2) the u/s picture I have here doens't really look like much, so who knows what the so-called penis really is? But I wish he wouldn't have shown me that shot between the legs, and I wish he hadn't printed out the foot picture!
And he was so anal about telling me anything, aside from pointing out features (so at least I know there are 2 arms, 2 legs, a head, spine, heart, stomach, and bladder). Then he tells me that the baby is breech and that may be an issue for birth. Hello. I'm 22 weeks! Lots of time for the baby to turn still.
Anyway, I guess my midwives will get the report in 48 hours. So hopefully if I don't hear from them by Thursday all is well. My next appointment with them isn't uuntil the end of the month, so I won't hear "official" results until then. I guess I just wanted to hear today that everything looks good and healthy with all the major organs and what-not, and I didn't get that.
Oh well.
I will say, it never ceases to amaze me to see the baby like that. Even with baby number 3, getting an ultrasound is amazing IMO! To see the baby moving and see the face and all that stuff. It was sooo nice =)


Leslie M. said...

Brandie: It sounds like you had a stinky (& slightly mean, imo) U/S tech; what a bummer. : ( Well, in my heart of hearts, I always felt like I knew what my babies were & I ended up being right both times. : ) I'm sure you're right about what you feel .... I think a mother just somehow knows, kwim?! : )

Anonymous said...

I'll be curious to see if you end up with a boy! :-)
--Christina (