Sunday, August 07, 2005

Another weekend ...

coming to an end. I hate when weekends end because then dh has to go back to work. And I like to have him around the house to help out with things.
And I have to say, we had quite the productive weekend. I went through lots and lots of boxes. Recycled lots of papers we don't need anymore, got some things for the supposed garage sale we will have, and reorganized several boxes that when we moved last year were, well, haphazardly packed! We even rearranged the basement area a bit. We got an 8 foot table down here now. The kids computer is on one corner of it, but the rest of the table is mine! All mine! To scrapbook on, to have my own little "desk space," just whatever I want to use it for. I'm so excited! I finally have my very own space down here to do whatever I want to on! Although, if the girls do some bigger craft projects, I will have to share, and I don't mind that at all, but it's so exciting to finally have my own space.
This basement still needs a lot more work, but let me tell you, most of what else needs to be sorted through is not ours. It's the grandparents', or their childrens', and even some of their other grandchildrens' things are down here. Grandma says she wants to go through it all, but she can't go up and down the stairs, so we really have to wait for a day where she has nothing planned and dh had nothing planned. That way he can bring her down her, set her down, and grab boxes for her. I don't think it will actually happen before they leave this year, but hopefully next year. And hopefully by then some of the other people who have things down here will decide to come collect there things ;-)
But yeah, I was a busy little bee this weekend. And my back is sore cuase of it! LOL! Tomorrow I think I will do as little as possible, except maybe enjoy the fruits of my labor =)

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