Friday, August 12, 2005

A long 9 days ahead ....

My dh is gone. Gone for the next 9 days. He will be in the middle of nowhere. Literally. He is somewhere in Minnesota, near the Canadian border camping with a group of friends. He left with a backpack on his back. That's it. Whatever he could fit in the backpack is what he is using for the next week. He is out of cell phone range.
Let me just say this. I'm glad he has friends who think this kind of trip is fun so he can get it our of his system becuase that is so not sounding fun to me right now! LOL! But I miss him. Tongiht I will have to go to bed to an empty bed :-( I think I will cry. And then tomorrow I will be so excited to have the entire bed all to my pregnant self! LOL!
Aside from that, this has been quite a good week for all of us. I am finally feeling healthy, tired a lot, but healthy =) I gained a few pounds, so all is well there. My dd is flying along with "school" and loving it! The basement is starting to shape up (at least our stuff in the basement is shaping up). Just lots of nice good things happening around here I guess (aside from dh leaving on a major vacation today LOL!). So I guess I'm just feeling really upbeat right now ...
I just hope it can last through next week! Hopefully it will. Sunday I have my ultrasound (just to make sure baby is healthy but NOT to check gender), Monday we have registration for my 5 year old's fine arts classes, Tuesday we are going to play with friends at a children's museum. I'm sure we will go to the pool once or twice, the library once or twice, and hopefully before we know it, it will be next Saturday and dh will be home and we will all have survived the week without anything going wrong or bad! LOL!
So yeah, I'll be here missing my dh and partly enjoying not having to share the bed with anyone!!! Hehehhehe =) And if I should need to be talked off a ledge, I have 2 people who said I can call to talk me off it! Thank goodness for friends ... even if they can't be near to come over, at least I know I have a couple a phone call away, and well, that's kind of a new thing for me so I'm excited =)

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