Thursday, August 18, 2005

Crabby and sore ...

Ugh. I am so sore today. My back is just killing me. I want to scream. I want to rip it off. Usually, when I get so sore, I can ask dh to just press very hard on my back and it helps soooooo much .. of course, he's not here right now @@
We walked all day yesterday, and I was walking most of the day before and I'm sure that that is why my back is killing me. Not to mention I've gained 5 pounds in a short time. I'm excited about it, but still, at least some of it is from baby growing bigger and I think that is adding to the pain.
And I set up my PT appointment, my midwives sent in the prescription for me, and the stupid PT place won't accept a prescription from a CNM (certified nurse midwife). Which is ridiculous because CNM have full prescription powers @@ I am just so mad. The PT place told me to have the OB sign it. I don't have an OB. I am in an office of midwives, that's it. This is ticking me off. I seriously think I'm going to cancel my appointment and maybe try a chiropractor or go to an office that has accepted a script from my midwives in the past. I'm just bummed because I picked the office I did because I know someone who works there and I wanted to have her do my PT.
Sigh. I'm just tired, sore, and crabby!

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