Monday, August 06, 2007

I need help!

My dear internet, I need help!
My dd has been put on a special diet. Here are the things she can not eat:
orange juice
soy milk products
cow's milk products (i.e. milk, cheese, cottage cheese, cream, yogurt, butter, ice cream, frozen yogurt)
corn and corn products
all wheat products (most breads, many deserts, cereals, crackers, pasta, certain soup)
processed meats such as cold cuts
soy products
peanut and peanut butter
high-glycemic-index vegetables
creamed vegetables
store-bought salad dressings
soda pop or soft drinks
white/brown sugars
maple syrup
high fructose corn syrup
barbecue sauce
soy sauce

So, I got this huge lit from the doctor. And the book came with about 10 recipes to give me an idea of what to feed her. Um, yeah, some of them contain orange juice and quite a few have eggs. So, yeah. I am feeling sort of stuck here people. And I need help on figuring out what to feed her. I bought two gluten-free cookbooks today - but many of their recipes have eggs and other items on her not allowed to eat list.

I am so sad for her. She needs to be on this diet for 3 weeks. Then (assuming of course we have noticed changes for the better) we can slowly begin to add things back in to see which of them is causing her problems. Part of me hopes this works -according to what we were told not only can this diet help her digestive issues (which trust me would be enough) it could also help with her neurological issues which would be like a huge bonus! Anyway, I am hoping this will help her. But yet, we went to the store tonight (of course it was just Target but they did just put out an organic line of food) and I had a very hard time finding things she can eat. (I've been told to get to a Trader's Joe ASAP for many of the things that she can eat.) And wow, I am having a hard time finding things I can feed her aside from from fruits and veggies. And this will really put a strain on me for the net 3 weeks - Although rest assured, if there is hope it can help her I will do it. I just might whine and complain here about it LOL!

Anyway, is there someone out there who has had to do this for a child or for them self that can give me links or tips or recipes?
And thank you very much for any advice/suggestions/or just even hugs and prayers you can offer!

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Mel said...

She could have old-fashioned oatmeal for breakfast.

Brown rice? Chicken? I buy frozen chicken breasts/tenderloins . . . they are easy to cook in the crockpot.

Good luck!