Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Another school year ...

was started in our house yesterday!
Yes, yes, I decided we needed to start now. Mostly because there are some things from last year we have not quite finished up. So to make up for that, we are starting early this year. And also because I am not opposed to the idea of schooling year round frankly and we may just go straight through until summer 2009! We'll see because ...

yesterday, my dd suddenly developed a stomachache. Which she needed to rest on the couch for, with the tv on of course. I told her if her stomach bothered her so much that she couldn't do some reading, well then, she needed to be in her room resting. Amazingly, her stomach began to feel better and she finished up what needed to be done (and frankly, we are not starting with all our subjects and the load is relatively light right now!). Today she begged to be done early to play with the neighbors and promised to do double work tomorrow with what she didn't finish today. I admit, I let her go play. Because, it wasn't going to be in front of the tv or computer screen. And I think playing is important. And because I only planned for 4 days of work this week, but she doesn't know that, so if we have to spread it out over 5, that's fine with me. And I do feel a bit guilty for her since the kids around here haven't started back at school. And I think if other kids are out and she is running around then school for the moment can wait. I have planned most of our weeks to be done completed in 4 days to allow for this flexibility.

Anyway, this year we sort of switched gears and are trying out the Charlotte Mason method of education. I'll admit, I am still reading up on it and so am not positive of how it will play out, but I remember reading about it when I first decided to homeschool and I remember being quite moved by a lot of what was said about it - using living books and not twaddle, not needing to dumb things down for kids (but obviously talking at levels they can understand), etc, etc. And a few weeks ago I came across - which has lots of info. And I decided to follow their plan (of course, I am also in the process of reading several books for parents about this). We are beginning with year 1 and going from there. We'll see. So far I have gotten lots of interesting books from the library that are recommended. I will have to purchase most of them to continue the year smoothly, but I wanted to test it out first before making the monetary plunge! We'll see how it goes. Frankly, I'm guessing most kids my dd's age are onto year 2 right now, but I think it is wise for us to start at year 1 and make up sometime by starting early now and going through next summer. Because really, by the end of August next year I think we can be at elast 1/3rd into year 2 and maybe by the following fall be in year 4 - assuming of course, we stick with this for that long! We'll see ... so far I like the books and the ideas and the materials. But we'll see if any of that changes as I learn more and we get farther into it!

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