Monday, August 06, 2007

Get some great software ...

Head on over to Lindsey's Blog (Enjoy the Journey) to find out about some great software you can get for hardly anything at all.
I ordered mine earlier today and will be stalking the mailman until it comes in! =)

From Lindsey's site:
Softbasics is offering a BACK TO HOME SCHOOL special, just for my readers. You will receive a FULL copy of the 7 program Softbasics Soft-Pak for just $4.50 shipping and handling. At present, the softbasics folks generally offer the 4 math programs in the Soft-Pak for a shipping and handling fee, with the other 3 language arts and testing programs optionally available for an extra payment. However, for this special offer, you get all 7 for just the $4.50 shipping and handling fee.

The software is best suited for students aged 6-13. What I like about it is that it is good, old-fashioned educational software. It is NOT edu-tainment (edu-tainment=lots of bells and whistles, but very little actual instruction). The folks at Softbasics have done a good job developing a product that focuses on the skills but does not go over the top with graphics and things to distract your learner. It is simple, and straightforward. It does not overstimulate the senses when trying to reinforce concepts. I like that. There's enough "edu-tainment" out there anyway.

It is an excellent supplement to any math curriculum. In fact, the folks at Softbasics have teamed up with in developing this product. And, for only $4.50 you don't have much to lose, really!

Feel free to spread the word to anyone; it is great not just for home schoolers but students of all backgrounds.

Go click here to get it!

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