Friday, August 03, 2007

Crazy Day!

Well, it wasn't supposed to be a crazy day, but it turned out to be one.
First of all, the chiropractor visit yesterday was just plain weird! I've never been adjusted before and never heard so many cracking noises from my body before like that. It was just - well, weird I guess! LOL! Although when she did my neck, it really bothered me. And then she did something to the muscles by my jaw and that hurt too (although she did warn that would be painful). She took my back x-rays and should have the film tomorrow.
My 4 year old did good, although about half way through she wanted to be done, but managed to hang in for the rest. She is going back tomorrow happily, but wants me to hold her hand this time. We are also doing a food journal for her for the next few days (and I was put under strict orders to NOT stray from what we normally eat to make it look better than it is. Don't worry, I haven't yet and really, don't have the time or brain power to fake it! LOL!) We are going to explore the possibility of food allergies at work in her system. She told me specifically looking at wheat, which would suck because we buy lots of whole wheat products now. I don't know what I would do if I had to avoid them for her. But if I have to, I will. I don't have any inkling that the allergy will be what it is, but figure it can't hurt to check it all out, kwim?

Anyway, today we went to visit granny and grandpa. It was a lovely visit. I even left with some nice rhubarb to make jam with from the neighbor! One dd went to an aunts house and the other two went to a friends house. I left for my MRI appointment. Got lost and showed up 15 minutes late. So, I lost my spot. Which stunk. Because I ended up finishing at 6:15 and if I had my spot, I would have been home with all the kids by 6:15!

So an MRI is not at all what I expected. First of all, I didn't know they were so freaking noisy! So incredibly loud. It really threw me off. And the space did seem small, but not that small. I was more afraid I would move and make something not work than I was of the small space actually. And I had to keep my jaw clenched, which hurt a lot and took up a lot concentration. For the end, I had to bite this HUGE thing so they could get a picture of the joint open and wow, did that hurt. Which means, my jaw was sore and I was crabby it was so late already. But I am glad to get it out of the way.

So, grab the two kids, grab McDonald's (it was 6:30 - we were an hour from being able to eat at home and I'm guessing that will look grand on M's food journal. But oh well, I won't lie. We get fast food about once a week. May not be the best, but we do and this is exactly what the doctor wanted - a true picture of our eating habits).
Then I go get the third child, make the drive home. Run in and grab clothes for Miss M who is going with my mom in the morning. Then my mom freaks out when I tell her to please keep track of what M eats and drinks. She promises to only give her "good" things so her food journal looks great. To which I explain to her that she should not go out of her way and to just feed her as normal. I don't think she will! I will be interested to see what she writes down. But then I finally make it back home where I can breath - and it was only 8:25. I hate days like today. Mostly because it stinks to run around that much. And even worse, most of it wasn't planned until about 3:00 this afternoon. PLUS, we were going to have tacos for dinner and assuming I wouldn't get home until just at dinner time, I had the meat all browned, ready to go. Tomorrow we have a party so I can't have my tacos until Saturday. Bummer.

But I'm home, the craziness of the day is over. And tomorrow I have to be nowhere until 3:00pm. I plan on doing nothing all morning (well, except things I want to do and would enjoy! LOL!)

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