Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Sucked In!

I have been completely sucked in by World of Warcraft. I will tell you I am a Night Elf Druid. My skills are skinning and leathermaking. I am practicing my skills each and everyday and enjoying them tremendously! I have also learned cooking and fishing =)

It's terrible just how much I am enjoying this game truth be told. But it is fun and I do enjoy it. I pop in here and there - okay, so I mostly play at night and stay up much too late - but it's fun and I am having a blast with it!

That is where I have been lately. On the computer playing the game.

I have also been trying to make some fun projects with the sewing machine and yarn and needles. My oldest has been playing with neighborhood kids a LOT, which is making her very happy and also making me happy too. I love knowing she can go outside and have several people to play with. ::sigh:: I love this neighborhood. Tomorrow is supposed to be warmer as well, and so I'm sure we will all be outside, mingling with neighbors and running around and playing.

It makes me anxious for summer and warm weather. I have it feeling it will mean a lot of time being outside running around, playing with others! I can't wait =)

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Justin said...

Sometimes I wish I could start playing WoW. My last roommate played it for about a year straight. I think that's the semester he flunked out of school.