Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Playing ...

The last few days we have been having gorgeous weather. I believe we broke a few records with our highs ... it has been great.
Sitting outside with the kids, watching them run around and play, getting up to chase little man away from the street, sitting back down, then chasing him through the neighbor's yard, sitting back down, getting up and chasing him away from the mud puddle, then finally giving up on sitting down and just chasing little man everywhere LOL!!

It has been fun to enjoy the time outside, but it is very tiring because I'm mostly chasing the little one around. But oh my, does he LOVE being outside. He loves it so much he screams bloody murder when it's time to come in the house. Which I'm sure has the neighbors wondering what is going on over here. But today it turned chilly and rainy. Blah.

We did go to a pajama party this am with some other kids/moms. It was a lot of fun. The best part was I could wear pajamas and not really worry about how I was looking LOL! I did though, put on some clean jammies when I woke up. I like the ladies enough to do that for them ;-)

Other than that, that's life around here. I have no big profound thoughts to share, no deep questions to ponder, no life lessons to impart upon my faithful few readers! Life here has just been pretty calm and even - which is good. We are unpacking a bit more each day. I have a futon coming for my basement tomorrow, couches for the living room arriving in 2 weeks and a dryer that is working a bit better than before. Life is pretty okay right now and that's a good place to be.

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