Saturday, March 24, 2007

Life ...

Life has just been flying by this past week!
I feel for the last two weeks we have spent a lot of time in the car just driving places. I'm tired of driving around places frankly! Thankfully we have no where to go today.

In other news, I unpacked several more boxes today. Also gathered 2 boxes of donate-able items. And I gathered a few piles of things to put on Craigslist. It all feels good!

Tomorrow we will go look at furniture, which makes me giddy with joy! Hopefully we can get this house in ship-shape in the next month or so. I'd like to have an open house for friends and family, but we are not ready for it at this point. But we are getting steps closer each day which is nice.

Aside from that, not much going on. I have been, admittedly, playing World of Warcraft in all my free time this week. It's been fun and interesting. Yesterday I was playing with someone who asked me "what grade are you in?" I had to laugh a lot when I was asked that. I told him if he was in school still I was probably old enough to be his mother. The response "Oh. That's cool. I'll still talk to you." I was probably talking to some 14 year old boy home from school for the day.
Aside from that, I've been playing with some family members, which is fun since we've talked via this game more in the last week than in the last, oh, 3 months maybe? So that is nice.

My dh actually likes that I have been playing because before I play I make sure I have cleaned the house and gotten all my other tasks done. It's a good thing for me as I tend to, oh, procrastinate just a teeny-tiny bit. Okay, okay, I procrastinate A LOT! LOL!

Anyway, I'm off to make a cake to celebrate my dh's birthday tonight! What a fun time =)


MissKris said...

My 30-year-old daughter is a complete video game freak. In fact, she goes to the game store where she can rent games so often that when new ones come out the clerks there think she might like, they'll hold a copy off to the side for her or even CALL her, lol! It sounds like this one must be an online game that you're playing, tho, if you're able to chat with players, too? Being left-handed, I'm pathetic at 'controller' games so I stick more to word games like "Book Worm" or "Text Twist", or puzzle games where I just have to click the mouse. But aren't they fun?! It's such a nice way to relax sometimes, to just get our minds off every day things. I hope you have a lot of fun furniture shopping....I love to buy old pieces second-hand that fit in with our old 1912 bungalow. Yard sale season is soon upon us, tho....wooooo hoooooooo!

Smoov said...

I do that too, I let myself enjoy some idle and trivial luxury only after my work is done! Sometimes it is the only way things get done. I have to bribe myself.