Saturday, March 17, 2007

I'm a ....

computer gaming nerd.
I admit it. I am. I love playing games on the computer.
Some of my favorites are Age of Empires, Ages of Wonder, Age of Mythology (yes, you might say I have a thing for games with Ages in the title). I especially love playing them with my dh, we network the computers, put ourselves on the same team and go out to defeat the other teams. Yes, I hunt animals in these games, I have farms in these games, I produce archers and cavalry, and wall knocker-downer-thingies. I go out and conquer other teams and other civilizations. I can't help it. It's fun. It's mostly fun because I am generally doing it with my dh. And it's also fun because it's a nice stress release. Frustrated with someone in real life? That's okay, go pretend you are an Elf in Ages of Wonder who must conquer the Orcs. I admit, it helps me to feel better!
Yes, I like playing computer games. I admit it. I realize it's not for everyone, truly I do, but they are fun for me!
Well, last night dh and I began to play a new game ... World of Warcraft (WoW). WoW is different from other games we've played, mainly because you play it on-line in a real time world. When it is 1pm here, it is 1pm there. When it 3:30 am here, it is 3:30am there. When I log off from playing, life in the game keeps going. There is no pause button, there is no restart button (although you can build a new player and begin again). It came with a manual on how to play, but it says in the book the game is ever-changing since it's all on-line.
And so last night dh and I ventured into this world (I bought him the game as an early birthday present) and I will admit, it is fun. We are still in the learning stages, trying to get money, earn experience points, level up, gain amour, etc, etc. Last night I ran around completing "quests" for about 45 minutes before I decided to let my character rest.
The only two downsides to this game are it currently only runs on one of our computers. Which means dh and I can not play together. And two, I can see where it might get a bit addicting. Of course if the game continues when you are not there, you almost have to sign on and play a few times a week to make sure all is well with your character, right? Well, we'll see how it goes. Dh is trying to make it run on a second computer ... it would be so much more fun if we could play at the same time.
I know it sounds weird to some, but playing games together is bonding time for us. So if spent 4 hours a week playing the game with dh, we'd talk as we played, we'd enjoy each other's company and we would love it. I suppose it would be like watching 2 movies together - so it can't be all that bad.
He did manage to gain more points than I did last night. So today, he is out running errands, so in a few moments I will be hopping on to "catch up" so if we can play together we are able to complete quests together. On one hand I want to laugh at that thought, on the other, hey, it's our thing and nobody better laugh at it LOL!! =)

In other news, my goal was 25 pages of my Bible a day. Yesterday, Friday, was day 4 and I finished at page 124. So far, so good and a bit ahead - which is good! I have lots and lots of questions. I think when I finish I will need to go back and read slower and try to get more than just the gist of the stories and the meaning. But right now that is my goal: read it through once, learn the basics of the stories and get a basic understand. Later then I can go back and uncover the deeper meaning or the double meanings or all the nitty-gritty stuff, because I will be able to place it in the contect of the entire Book.

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Tammy said...

Are you writing your questions down as you go, so you'll remember them later when you spend more time in that section? I think what you are doing is a great idea!!

Now, on to WoW........Dh and ds have been playing this game for 3 years now? Let me say this. IT IS ADDICTING!! If you are in a group that goes on specific quests or you have so much armour, or such a high ranking, you will always have to be there for your group/guild. But, if you are playing the way you and dh play right now, it's not quite as bad. My guys got out of the guilds just before the holidays I think, the guilds just broke up, so they are now on their own and I can ask for help with something and not get a "I can't for another hour" reply.

We see the gaming the same way you do though. Dh and ds spend time together doing it and it has built up ds's communication skills in a different way.