Wednesday, March 07, 2007

No TV update ...

Can I just say that I should have done this a long time ago?
We said no TV on Saturday. The children grumbled when we said it. Sunday they asked to watch a movie and we said no - we weren't sure of content and so decided to say no.
Then we heard nothing. Tuesday morning I told them they could watch some of the cartoons on if they so desired. I heard "No thanks mom. We're playing Guess Who and it's a lot more fun."
Yesterday I asked if they missed TV, they both said nope, not at all.
How wonderful is that?
I think it's grand.
Now, I just wish the behavior we were trying to correct would move that quickly. But it isn't and well, it shouldn't. She is the habit of that behavior and it will take time for her to relearn what is okay and is not is okay. I will say I do see her making an effort and so that is grand. She really is trying and at this point, that's all I can ask. An honest effort.

I would like to also point out, both children have been helping clean the house a lot this week. I think that no tv is freeing up their time and they don't mind helping when they don't need to wait for commercials, or for this show to end, or for the good part to be over.

It is very nice. If things keep up like this, I imagine little tv will be our lifestyle from now on. I say little tv because I do watch some crafting how-to shows during the day, and they do enjoy watching them with me. And of course, I have primetime shows I like to watch (after they are in bed). But it is nice without the tv on I must say. =)

Also a big hi and thank you to those who are stopping over here to join in the party!
It's nice to meet you. And a HUGE thanks to MissKris who offered to babysit ... oh my, just the offer alone made my day! =)


Heidi said...

My two year old would rather help me vacuum than watch tv. But I already have noticed that he loves tv.

It's a tough one in winter when we can't go outside much.

Good job!

Sara said...

We go "No TV" during Lent. The kids grumble, but they get used to it quickly. And since spring is in the air, they can play outside again. Stand your ground!! Those 7/8 yr olds can be stubborn!

Jenny in Ca said...

we don't watch t.v. at all...but we do watch selected videos. The kids do, we rarely have time to watch anything! I do have to admit that they have been watching more videos than I would like the past year, we do need to cut down. It is really nice when the kids find something interesting and imaginative to do, isn't it? good job on helping your kids to be regulated!