Thursday, March 15, 2007

Rambling ...

Tonight I think I'm just going to ramble on a bit ...
First of all, I have been actively trying to get out of the house for a few days. Everything keeps conspiring against me though. Apparently, life doesn't want me to get out of this house. It could be because I should be cleaning, unpacking, organizing, etc ... but I really would rather get away from it all for a while.

Oh well. I have started a new undertaking. At first I wasn't going to say anything on the blog about it, mostly because it seems a little silly to come here and state it. But probably because if someone asks me about it in the future and I've already given up, I'll feel silly. And now I feel very silly that I have this much build up ... anyway, I have decided to read the Bible, cover to cover, in 90 days. This will not be first attempt. Last time I made it all the way to Proverbs. I have been doing it for 2 days. The way my Bible is laid out, I need to do 25 pages a day.

Which brings me to another point. I really need a new Bible. The Bible I have I bought in high school. It has sections on "why we should listen to our parents" and "being a teenager can be difficult." Well yeah, it's a life application Bible, but it's not really applying to my current life. So I need a new one. Also there are a lot of confusing parts in that Bible and I'm only on page 54. This is why it is difficult for me to get through. I hit parts and I think where in the world did this come from? What in the world does that mean? But none-the-less, I'll try.

In other news, things around here seem to be going pretty well. My friend and I are working on launching our business. It seems that our first big day is May 19 ... which is our first craft fair. I'm nervous but excited. I do hope it all works out for us. Soon we should be launching a website and going from there.

Today we went and got library cards for our new town. We also visited the park district and turned in our lottery sheet, which is due by Saturday. Of course we missed the softball registration deadline. My 7 year old is now on the wait list, but we in at number 5. They were pretty sure that something would open up and if the list hit a certain amount they might even throw together another team. I'm crossing my fingers for her. She was so bummed when she found out she might not be able to do it. But we did put in for golf and that excited her. honestly, I had no clue she even thought about golf but that was the one thing she really wanted to do from the park district catalogue.

That about sums up things around here =)

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