Saturday, March 10, 2007

In case ...

You didn't already know I was crazy, I would like to tell you I have visited the first 410 blogs at the Ulitmate Blogger Party.
I feel compelled to visit each and every site for some strange reason ... it's almost like having OCD. I don't want to skip anyone and couldn't figure out a good random system so thus, I'm trying to visit everyone.
Yes, I am in insane.
So far I can say I have left comments on 85% of the links that are working! Some I just can't leave them on (I think the java on my computer is not working all the time and preventing the comment box from popping up) and other sites I need to be a member of ...
I have to say, this is actually fun! I like reading about everyone and seeing what is going on with other people's lives. It is a lot of fun.
I do recommend you go look at the list and try to visit maybe a couple of them. I sure I will be adding a whole bunch of blogs to my blogroll next week! =)
Hope everyone has a great weekend. I am sure Monday will still find me reading all these new blogs!


Jenny in Ca said...

wow Brandie, that is dedication! I haven't kept track of how many I have visited, but I don't think it is as many as you!! I do make a point to visit everyone who has visited me, and then for the big list, I just try to get in a few randomly when I have some time to visit. This is a fun party, I have seen some nice blogs.

annie said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog, entering the contest, and reading Izzy's story.
I kind of understand what you are doing (on a smaller level :o) ) I do the menu plan monday and feel like I have to go to all of the (usually 100) posts and comment. I didn't hear the total number of posts at the UBP so you may be in for a real job, I don't even know what number I was.

dcrmom said...

Good grief, lady!!! That is commitment. Thanks for visiting my little corner of the blogosphere.

Wendy said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog. I'm glad you made it that far on the list so far. I can't say that I've done the same but I've tried to visit as many as I can.

Qtpies7 said...

I want to get through them all too! But its so hard! I have a naked baby that I need to go dress right now, but I can't stop! LOL My 7 kids want me to stop..... LOL

canadian sadie said...

Wow! you're amazing! :)

I'm one of the blogs you visited, and I wanted to say hello! :) I just put out some new snacks, so feel free to stop on back some time. :)

I like your blog!

Overwhelmed! said...

That's amazing! I started trying to look through many of the blogs on the list, but I just ran out of time. Now, I'm trying to at least make sure to visit those that took the time to stop by my blog and leave me comments. :)

Irritable Mother said...

Oh! I wish I could remember the OCD joke I heard recently. Something like, "Do you know what someone with OCD calls their disorder?" CDO!!! Get it? The letters have to be in alphabetical order.
Ugh, it isn't so funny when you don't have it down right! Anyway -

I'm commenting after also reading your post about your use of exclamation points and the word "anyway." I do the same thing, and enjoyed a good laugh on that front. Thanks!!!

Thanks, too, for stopping by my blog.

Anonymous said...

Nice place you have here!! Just returning the visit!! Using lots of exclamation points here so you don't feel bad!! LOL