Friday, March 30, 2007

A day off ...

Today I took a day off. That means I didn't do anything I didn't want to (aside from the necessary taking care of kids things like changing little man's diapers and occasionally feeding all three kiddos!)
My 13 year old sister spent the night, so once all the kids were up and the first diaper was changed, I lumbered off to bed. I was able to get an extra 3 hours of sleep! It was heavenly truth be told! Then I was up for about an hour before my 16 year old sister came over with a friend.
Now, here is what is great about a 16 year old sister - she drives. So I handed her 40.00 packed up the kids in the minivan, handed her the keys to it and sent them off to a McDonalds with a Play Place inside. They stayed out for almost 2 hours. I have to say, I fell a teeny bit guilty over how much I enjoyed the time at home without anyone around. But really, just a teeny bit!
I then spent the entire time working on my office/craft room. It was in serious need of help. Dh has been doing nice things for me all week - installing under cabinet lighting, spools to hold ribbon, hanging up thread racks and the place was very messy and disorganized. Now, it is merely slightly messy and disorganized. I think one more 2-hour kid-free time frame will be all I need to get it looking good (that and a few more correctly sized storage containers).
The munchkins returned. Little man, feeling all tuckered out from running around the Play Place stayed awake long enough to give me a great big hug and kiss, wave bye-bye to everyone and then promptly went to bed for a nap. I sat and chatted with the older of my sisters and her friend for a bit, then showed them my newest obsession: World of Warcraft. Mostly because when I was only talking about it to them, they basically made fun of me! But I showed it to them and they both said, almost convincingly, that it did look a bit fun.
After that I did a bit more work on my office, then little man woke up and demanded some attention. Then I played on the computer for a bit and dh was home! The day flew by very quickly, but it was a great day. Now it's only 7pm, we have cake for dessert and have the rest of the evening to do nothing, or everything - to do whatever I want to!
Dh admitted that the house did look quite disorderly, but he also said he didn't mind me doing nothing today, which is only one of a million reasons why I utterly and completely love him. That I literally can do nothing all day, he will come home, not bat and eyelash, start making dinner, and still give me a hug and a kiss! What a good day today was. And really, well, I felt like I needed it. I might try to do this again in a month or so ... have to find out when 16 year old sis has the next Friday off of school! LOL! I already told her she had to promise to do it several times this summer. ::sigh:: It was so nice. I loved it. I mean, I really really loved it!

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