Thursday, March 08, 2007

Oh Dear

The Ultimate Blog Party is a lot of fun ... but there are so many blogs out there to read.
I have managed to stop by roughly 125 sites so far ...
I think to hit them all, I'll need to keep checking sites for about the next week. I really do want to hit everyone, but realistically, hitting 100 sites a day just isn't in the cards for me unless my babyboy takes a mega huge nap the next few days LOL!
Well, I'm trying to hit as many people as possible. I guess this is what happens when you join the party late.

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crissybug said...

I know how you feel about the UBP. It has been soo much fun, yet overwhelming all at the same time. I see no way of getting through 1000 blogs! Thanks for dropping by to see mine. I look forward to browsing around yours.

BTW I had a blast on my cruise. YOu can see pictures on my blog.

Party on!