Saturday, September 30, 2006

Sick of

I am so sick of sickness.
Babyboy had to go to the doctor today. It sounded to me like he was wheezing, and yep, he was. So now instead of one medicine twice a day, we have 3 medicines to take twice a day. Here's hoping he gets over it pretty quickly.
I had hoped that this winter might go a bit smoother than last winter health-wise for him, but if this is any indication of how it might go, well, we are in for a long winter full of many many breathing treatments.
So, having a sick baby and a husband who won't be home tomorrow as he's working, means no church. And you know what, I was looking forward to going to church. Me! I wanted to be there tomorrow. I'm so bummed. I've thought about going but not taking him to the nursery and sitting outside of the actual chapel, but where I could still listen, but you know, it's not fair to whomever may pass us by at the exact moment babyboy decides to cough. So alas, we will be staying home tomorrow morning and not going to church. I admit I'm sad, but I also know they will be offering the sermon on CD the next week, so that makes me feel much better. I can listen, even if it's just a recorded copy, I can still hear the message - which is about terrorism so I'm very curious to hear this particular message and what they will say about that topic!

In other news I am on a quest to reorganize all our junk in the basement. I am going this week to buy storage bins. I will sort, organize and repack everything very nicely. Dh says we have too many things (which is true) and there isn't enough room for the things we have (which is also true with how things are now). But I think if I reorganize and in the process get rid of a few things that I think I can part with, that we will be okay and dh won't make me take a bunch of things to storage ::crossing fingers::
And I'm also parting with baby things we have .... that we will sadly never need again. So that will free up space, but at the same time, it does kind of break my heart! Oh well, no more babies for me, but many more great memories to be made with my children as they grow, change, mature, and turn into fabulous adults!

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