Thursday, September 28, 2006

From bad to worse ...

So things went from bad to worse today. Why does it seem like that is the current trend these days? I don't know ...
Anyway, babyboy was playing in the kitchen with his favorite toy, his great-granny's walker. Granny was in the kitchen working on dinner. This happens generally twice a day - during lunch and dinner. I used to pull him out asap but granny always said he was fine, there were no problems, etc, etc. So I became lax. I sat back. I let him play. I slowly hovered around less and less.
So what do you think happens today? I bet you can guess where this is going ....
babyboy pushed the walker, walker bumped an unsteady granny and down went granny. Falling backwards hitting her head on the fridge, knocking the walker back into babyboy. Babyboy immediately starts to scream.
Myself, grandpa and cousin all at the kitchen table about 7 feet away jump up and go to her.
It was surreal. I mean we were there. We watched it - it seemed so slow, but yet, it happened in an instant.
I feel like complete and utter shit and crap. I knew it was going to happen. I told dh more than once, one of these days granny is going to trip over babyboy or one of the toys or something. She's going to fall and it's going to be because of us.
And it happened.
Granny says she is fine, has a knot on her head, but is fine otherwise. Babyboy stopped crying pretty quickly. So, it could have been a lot worse. I get that - because my dh keeps telling me that over and over. But if we weren't here, it wouldn't have happened at all. Ugh. I feel so awful.
I am ready to move right now. I don't want her to fall again. I don't - she doesn't need to be worrying about that kind of thing.

I guess from now on, I will NOT let him in there when she is in there - I won't (and I know she'll say I'm over-reacting and it's fine, really, but really, it's not fine). And I will be more diligent. I will not let my guard down again.

Here's praying granny doens't wake up in the morning with a huge headache. Because that's what I'm afraid will happen :-(

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