Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Did you miss me?

Probably not, but I'm back.
I didn't even get to take a break for anything fun ... just trying to do life things. Busy with the kids, with the house, etc, etc.
Just trying to keep up with life and right now we seem to be stuck in a busy period of life.
Oh well, this will pass and I will find a moment to breath. I'm assuming that will happen once either a)babyboy stops getting into trouble about every 2 minutes or b) we get our own house and I can actually babyproof and not have 95% of everything in his reach be things he isn't allowed to touch.
Babyboy certainly gives me plenty of exercise each day just from chasing him and running around and keeping him out of everything he is not allowed to touch.
My oldest has been throwing me for a loop the last 2 days. She is declaring school "boring" and I'm "mean." Eh, okay. It bothered me yesterday, we had these long drawn out talks about attitude and learning and was she really bored with school (she threw a fit because she found out a show she liked was on tv @@). So it was a long day - emotionally taxing.
So today she was about to start the same thing and I just said, fine throw your fit in your room. Come out when it's over. She is a month from 7, no way should she be throwing fits like that. And amazingly enough, after a minute it was done. Phew. So hopefully tomorrow there will be no fits at all. I mean, really, I do try to make school really fun and let her run around and move as much as possible.
Someday I hope she'll know that I did try my hardest to keep school fun and exciting for her.

On other school news, my 4 year old has been writing letters lately and then asking me what they spell. What is important to note here is that 1) we don't practice the alphabet with her (those of you that think all kids at 4 should know the alphabet may now pick their jaws up off the floor) and 2) We've never taught her to write any letters either. And yet, she is doing it, on her own and learning it just from books we read, hearing her big sister, talking to us and playing and having fun. So, there was a reason I didn't feel the need to sit down and purposefully work on the alphabet with her. She was just learning it from the surroundings we've created in the house.
Yes, I do feel proud of her.
I am thinking now we will start to do some activities with her. She is desiring it now - asking us to "read" what she writes, she asking how to do things, and very interested in what's going on around here. So that's my sign. She is ready for a bump up in what we do. And so now I will have to add that to my pile of things to accomplish around here each day LOL!!!

Someday I will come back and talk about news and current events. There is so much going on right now. I am trying desperately to keep up with it all as well as make sense of it all. Someday I will come and try to talk about it. Someday ... but for now my children are calling me back to the land of motherhood and out of the land of blogging!

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