Monday, September 25, 2006

You can ...

Please all of the people some of the time, please some of the people all the time. But you can't please all of the people all of the time ... so the saying goes, but I'm learning you can't please some people ever. You can't do it. Don't try.
No matter what you say or do, it's wrong or bad or must be stupid. They question your every statement, every movement and make you feel like an idiot should you actually have to ask a question of them! As if you don't know it all, which apparently they do.
Oh well ... such is life ... I will survive ... just going to have to learn to let things roll off my back!

In other news ... my car is broke :( And it's at the shop. And I miss it. :-(
My dd is sick and that's never any fun to deal with. She doens't actually feel bad, but well, she is having stomach issues and it's not making her throw up. But in between rushing to the bathroom she's dancing and running around like nothing's wrong! Which, I'm glad she is feeling okay despite whatever else is going on.

I can't believe Sunday it will be October. When in the world did October get here? I am so not ready for fall to be here and October to be here! I wish I could just freeze everything around me or gain one extra hour each day! What I could do with one extra hour - I should say, one extra kid free hour! LOL!

Anyway, I guess tomorrow and probably Wednesday we will just be hanging out around the house and waiting for the car to be all better.

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