Saturday, September 23, 2006

Church ...

So even though 2 years ago I promised to find a church to attend, I have not yet. I tried once and went to one I didn't like. And then sort of gave up ...
But my children, my children have been going to church with their Aunt. They love the church they go to. They also go to Awana there.
They have been going, and I haven't been the one to take them.
Well, last week I took them to church.
And let me tell you, I was glad I did!
The church had a special speaker in, Dr. Michael Rydelnic and he spoke about the situation in Isreal. Very interesting to say the least. It was part one of a 2 part sermon, so tomorrow I will be going back with the kids and listening intently to what he is saying.
And I think I will be going back next week. I will be interested to hear the actual pastor speak and get a feel that way.

Although, (and there is always an although), they have for this year completely revamped their Sunday School program. Instead of doing Sunday school they are doing something called adventure club. It is sort of like Vacation Bible School each Sunday - the kids all start together, then split off and do craft, game, story, snack, and back all together.
The catch is, around here Vacation Bible School is usually about 3 hours long. Sunday School is 1.5 hours long.
My 6 year old came home last week and told me they didn't really talk about the Bible or God. They did an art project, played a game, some kids were given candy for the points they had last week, and it was time to go home. Hmmmm ... now, it could be she wasn't listening. I thought that was surely the issue, but another child told me the same thing.
My aunt says they are still trying to work out the kinks and figure out how to make this work (last week was the second week) and so we'll see ....
The other issue I have is this new point system. The kids get points for coming, bringing donations, bringing friends, doing work they are sent home with, etc, etc. They get candy based on how many points they had the previous week. I do NOT like this. I do not want my child to think she has to do things to get candy and points.
Hmmmm .... I will have to see how tomorrow goes. I will have to see what she says and what I can feel out from others about it.
But I don't know ... wouldn't it be terrible if I decided I enjoyed the adult church service, but really didn't like what was going on with the Sunday school program?
:::crossing fingers::: that last week wasn't how it will always be.

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