Sunday, September 10, 2006

Happy birthday

My darling daughter was born 4 years ago today! I can't believe it's been 4 years.
She is such a sweet girl. She loves to cuddle. She loves to draw and look at books. She has the best imagination ever. She loves to play with her kitchen set. And her babies ... oh, she takes such good care of her baby dolls.
She is full of a giving spirit and such love. Oh, have I mentioned she LOVES to talk. She will talk about anything to anyone at anytime pretty much anywhere. She likes to talk to people in the grocery store, in the mall, at the park, all the time!
But it's cute ... her speech isn't perfect and sometimes I just love to sit and hear her talk but I admit I don't always listen to what she is saying.
I can't imagine life without my little M! She is just precious beyond words. She has also challenged my as a parent in ways my other children could not have. And yet, I see so much of myself in her (sometimes good and sometimes bad) but I connect her so well it's sometimes scary. And then there are moments where I have no idea how she comes up with the things that she does!
So, today on her fourth birthday I say to her - keep your wonderful spirit. Don't lose it ever. Keep the joy you carry inside of you shining bright on everyone around you. I just know you brighten so many people's days and lives just by simply being you. And I love that about you. It's hard to not smile when I'm with you - even when you are not listening! I admit it, so many times, I have to laugh a bit first before I can discipline you sometimes! But I love you - always have, always will!

your mommy

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