Monday, September 11, 2006

Sad day with some brightness sprinkled in ...

I did not handle 9/11/01 very well at all. It scared me significantly and really shook me up a lot. Frankly today, I didn't really watch any of the coverage of it, I didn't watch any of the news channels that replayed the original 9/11 coverage. I had no intention of listening to it on the radio.
I did listen to part fo it on the radio - unintentionally. Dh last drove my car and put it on a serious news station. I get in, expecting my top 40 music station, and hear "traffic is just backed up, at a standstill. People are panicked and worried, blah, blah ..." and immediately thought Oh no! It's happening again! Why? Why? Jacked up the volume and listened for about 5 mintues before I realized they were replaying original coverage. BIG sigh of relief and a quick change of the station. I still can't believe what happened 5 years ago. Nor do I fully understand it. I mean, I get other places do not agree with America and Americans and things our country has done, but to take planes into buildings and kill that many people, no, I'll never understand it. I just won't.

Moving on ...
my dd started her classes today at our co-op. She had a great day. I had a not so great day. While she is in classes, we basically sit in a big gym. Half the gym has tables and chairs, the other half is left open for children to run around, play basketball, etc, etc. Combine this environment with curious 9 month old and what do you get? Trouble! LOL! But I am surprised to say he only got hit with a basketball once and tripped over once (I surely thought it would happen a few more times than that honestly). But basically this meant aside from when he nursed (3 sessions at about 5 minutes each because really, how could I expect him to eat with all that going on) and he did fall asleep finally about 20 minutes before we left ... I did not sit for 4 hours. I chased him up and down, and held him and walked until he wriggled out, and followed him, and made sure he didnt' get bopped with balls, stepped on, or start unpacking other peoples bags, coolers, etc, etc. I am worn out. I do not know how I will survie a year of this. In the future it will get worse before it gets better because tonight little man took his very first steps. On the day he turned 9 months old, he took his first steps. So now I will be chasing a shaking toddler among kids, balls, bags, adults, tables and chairs. Oh. Joy. I. Can't. Wait.
However my 6 year old LOVES her classes. 2 of them she took last year, and has the same teachers so she knew she would love it. But she also requested Spanish. And today it began. She liked it a lot. She couldnt' remember any words when she left class except that rojo was red, but hey, it's a start!
So we came home, where upon little man continued to sleep (crawling around for 3 1/2 hours surely wore him out as he took the longest nap I can remember him ever taking coming in at 2 hours 20 minutes) which meant I also took a nap!
Then it was off to 6 year olds first day of basketball. At first she didn't want to sign-up ... I pushed the issue, she resisted. I saw the error of my ways and told her that if she didn't want to go I wouldn't make her so I wouldn't sign her up (and I did it geniuenly not as some reverse pyschology trick). She heard that and cried abotu how she really wanted to go and I was so mean to not sign her up! 6 year olds! Crazy ... so we did sign up and turns out she truely loved her first day. 6 boys, 2 girls. Her and the girl kind of became instant buddies =) WOnderful for her!
My now 4 year old all day told everyone she turned 4 last night at her birthday party (cute how she thinks she turned 4 at the party so I guess it's a good thing we had one and on the actually birthday to boot!) She saw some old friends from the co-op last year and had fun catching up with them. While her sister was in basketball, her and I played on some mats (with little man) and she especially enjoyed doing that!
All in all, really, despite being such a sad day, it was also a very wonderful day full of fun and exciting things for my children.

But I say all those who lost lives in 9/11 or were profoundly affected by it in other ways, you still remain in my prayers and thoughts.

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