Friday, December 08, 2006

Truely thankful

I want to say it loud and clear just how thankful I am for how this whole house thing has turned out.
I do not for one minute doubt someone up above was on our side through this and watching out for us. My husband does not, I have to say it I do. Not because I am special and loved more - no, I do not see this as I got more because I am better than others. I just have no other way to explain how this happened.
This kind of house should not be in our price range. It should have been at least 30,000 more than it was listed for, at least. We found out earlier today that someone sent them an offer first thing this morning. If we had waited just a day, it would not have been our house or we would have been in a bidding war - which we could not afford to do.
Then I think we really tried to get another house - and we tried so hard, because we believe it was the best house for us. It holds nothing to the house we ended up going under contract with.
We almost bid on another house, that probably we would have gotten, but something in me said no, don't do it! So I called the realtor and told her to not put the offer through. Thankfully she was behind that day because her intent was to put it in earlier in the day and had she done that, I would have called to late.
Enter this house. Which had only been on the market for slightly over a week - 8 or 9 days. Our realtor had all the houses she was going to take us to, but last minute she decided to see if she had missed any and caught this house the day it went up.
There are so many reasons why we shouldn't have even seen this house, why we should have not bid on the other house, and why someone else didn't bid on it before us!
I really believe there was divine intervention working here. I don't why - I'm not perfect, I'm not even close to perfect, I'm not even that good! LOL!
But I am so thankful and I feel absolutely blessed to have this house. And I am still, 24 hours later, in complete awe over it.
We go sign the mortgage papers tomorrow. The home inspection is Monday. And then things should be set until we close! I can't even believe it! I am so thankful!
I just wanted to say that I feel so lucky and I am not yet taking it all for granted.

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Anonymous said...

It's humbling, isn't it, to feel like God actually is involved in the details of our lives? We went through something very similar in choosing our home, and it's amazing to feel guided through the process.