Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Holy cow ...

Where did the time go?
I blinked my eyes and December is almost over!
It is now officially December 20 and I have not yet done Christmas cards.
I am managing to have a bit more fun these last few days ... trying to not get caught up in the stress and instead getting caught up in the fun parts of hte holiday.
I went to a cookie exchange tonight. It was nice to get out, chat, have fun! It was also nice because I had a helper over today who made my day 250% smoother than had I been here alone. She helped me take pictures of the kids, make my cookeis, get the appetizer ready and because of her I was able to take a shower before leaving! Woo-hoo! I wish she could be here all of the it me honestly. It would make life much more smoother.

Aside from all the holiday hub-bub, I am sad to say that we had to take my middle child to the ER on Sunday. It was not a lot of fun. Bascially she is constipated. she is so constipated that nothing was haleping and it had been over a week since, well, you know, she had been able to go to the bathroom. So essentially we took her to the ER where they helped her take care of things. Now my 4 year old is on a prescription laxative and has to take benefiber each day, in addition to the roughly 4 ounces of prune juice we give her a day and the at least 10 grams of fiber I make sure she gets each day.
Oh, and I did I mention, she is 4? Only 4 years old nad she has to go through all of this? It makes me so sad for her. And I think it sucks for her. Most kids don't even know what fiber is ... she has asked over the last few days "Does this have fiber in it mom?" when I give her food because we talked about how she need to eat lots of fiber with her after coming home from the ER.
So my pediatrician is giving us a referral to see a specialist at this point. She doens't think it's simply a matter of diet anymore. I have to say, I agree. Not that we are 100% healthy over here, but we have been struggling with mild consitipation for 18 months. I push the water, she gets her prune juice, I count fiber for her. I am baffled as to why she is still suffering from this.
Anyway, I'm hoping the specialist can help us out with this And I hope that soon this will not be something we have to monitor so closely for her.
Can you mimagine, she goes to play at someone's house - "Oh, and by the way, she suffers from terrible constipation, so if she has to use the bathroom while at your house, it might be an ordeal for her and probably she will cry, because she mostly does cry if she has to poop from now on, but don't worry. Once she's finished, she's back to normal!"
Because that won't scare people away from having her over at their house I'm sure @@
So for her, I hope we figure this out, get it under control and move on with other things in life.

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