Wednesday, December 13, 2006


I completely forgot about my contest! I am sooo sorry!
Anyway, the house we put an offer on December 5 was house B. That makes Sam the winner ...
so if you could e-mail me at Brandie185 at gmail dot com (obviously, change the at and dot LOL) I'll send you a little prize. It won't be anything too big, so don't get too excited there ;-)

And yes, that means we offered on the same house two separate times - we really wanted that house. And now I know what we got instead - and I am SOOO thankful that we didn't get the original house. What we ended up with is a million times better. Obviously it took us two rejected offers to get the hint that we had to walk away from that house b.

The house we almost bid on the next day was House A, in case anyone cared. But that was the one that I thought I wanted but realized I really didn't want it, it just happened to be one of the nicer houses we saw when we went out. I am also glad I listened to my inner voice that day and called the realtor and told her to not make the offer.

Regarding the house we are under contract on now ... it is going along smoothly. The inspection turned up two major issues - mold in the attic above the addition (so really just a small area and we are pretty sure it is because the bathroom isn't venting properly). And the furnace will probably need to be replaced due to a cracked heater exchange and it is releasing too much carbon monoxide. Thankfully, the seller is already bringing in heating people and someone to look at the mold. We haven't even sent the letter to ask them to do this - they are just really on the ball. It makes me feel good - I don't think they will fight it. I think that they are going to be really great sellers to work with and I'm so excited by that! I know that no house would be perfect so I'm not fretting too much about the issues. The furnace is easy - replace it. The mold, as long as we can find what is causing it we will be okay.

So as of right now, it seems we will close on January 31 as planned! Yeah! =)

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