Thursday, December 21, 2006

I discovered

Cooking Light magazine.
I was at the doctor's office (for the kids, of course, per our usual routine it seems) and I decided to flip through it.
Oh my goodness .... so many great recipes, so not enough time to eat them all! I commented to the kids that we were going to buy our very own copy of the magazine when we picked up the prescription (my babyboy needed as he's sick and needs help getting over it)when the doctor and the receptionist overheard. And then, they told me the most wonderful thing ... "Oh, don't do that. Just take ours. We have so many magazines here!"
So I replied, "But I couldn't do that. It's the December issue! Someone else might want to look at it!"
And they told me, "No, really take it. As a matter of fact, if there are any other magazines you might want, feel free to grab them too. Anytime, you can take magazines from us."
Now, first of all, I was so excited to get Cooking Light I couldn't believe it. And seeing as I'm a magazine junkie, the opportunity to rumage through magazines and take whatever I wanted, seemed to be a dream come true ....
but the kids were ready to go, the youngest was whining and hungry, there was a prescription to be filled, it was lunch time ....
So I walked out with just my one Cooking Light magazine.
Tonight we made the buttermilk pancakes and the cranberry citrus sauce to go on it in place of maple syrup for me and to accompany the maple syrup for my dh. The girls said these pancakes were way better than the bisquix panckaes they are used to. It. Was. So. Good. Yum.
I am pretty sure for the next 2 months or so, every other thing I make will be from this magazine. Foods I never liked before, sound so good and look so good. My dh, who likes to try new things, is excited to see me excited about cooking.

So, just in case you haven't yet bought my Christmas present dear readers, please, feel free to sign me up for a subscription to this magazine full of fabulous food ideas. And I will forever be in your debt and promise to send cookies! LOL!

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Smoov said...

I am also a total magazine junkie. Here are the ones I currently subscribe to:
The Atlantic
The Economist
Mother Jones
Mental Floss
National Geographic

Glad you got to get the issue for free! Have fun cooking.

P.S. Bisquick pancakes suck it. Those are not allowed here.