Monday, December 11, 2006

Happy Birthday ...

to my darling babyboy!
He is one today.
I can not believe it has been an entire year of having him around already! A year of his laughs and giggles and bright smiles. A year of sleepless nights and waking frequently. A year of playing and reading and having fun. A year of crying and whining. A year of cuddles and rocking and hugs and kisses.
And now my darling babyboy is no longer a baby. He is now a walking, talking little toddler. I just can't even believe it has been a year.
And I can't believe how much I love him. How much his father loves him. How much his sisters love him. For the unexpectedness of the pregnancy, the almost nine months of feeling like crud, the not knowing how we would add another body to this house, our hearts, our family, we were blessed with this happy-go-lucky, sweet, gorgeous child. He has brightened our family and brought with him an extreme amount of happiness, even if he sometimes tried to spread his joy at 2 am!
I love him more every minute. I love watching his sisters try to take care of him and protect him. I love hearing my dh talk about someone to do the "boy" things with. I just love this little bundle that joined our lives one year ago today!
I wish that he has as much fun on the day he turns 101 as he did today!
Love you babyboy - and even though you are one now, you will still be my darling babyboy! =)

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