Sunday, December 03, 2006

Polly Pockets Good for Handwriting?

I mentioned last week that we took a fall break from school.
We started up again last week and I noticed several things - one: my dd had not lost any skills and two: she in fact gained some skills. Imagine that. A gain of skills without doing any "school."
The biggest leap was in her handwriting - she was able to write so much more better than she ever has. Even she was so proud of her handwriting, telling me to come look at how nice it was. I, too, was proud of how nice her handwriting was.
But how in the world did that happen? I wondered. Now for most of our break from school she happily played Polly Pocket for hours on end with her sister. And it occured to me, those Pollys are little. And they have little clothes. And she likes to dress them and undress them and move them around and put them in their little cars and boats and all that jazz. So much fine motor control had to go into working playing with those Pollys. No wonder her handwriting was doing much better. She could control her hand better. She didn't tire as fast. And she was excited to be writing and wrote several letters to friends and family members. She was on a roll with her writing.
And as much as I hate to say it, but I really think that I have Polly Pocket to thank for that!

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Smoov said...

Polly Pocket rockin' the small motor coordination skills! Yaaaay!