Sunday, September 11, 2005

The Unknown ... Again ...

You'd think by now that I'd be used to entering the zone of the "unknown." Nope. Still not used to it. Still hate it. It still drives me crazy to not know things. I mean one of the meanest things you can do to me is not tell me everything about something ... to just give me enough to leave me hanging.
Well, anyway, yesterday dh tells me, in a nonchalent way, the grandparents (gp) are going to have the house appraised Tuesday. Oh. Okay. He figured it was just to kind of get a feel for how things are. The gp's are kind of in a spot where there is potential for a lot of change, and selling this house and permenantly locating to Florida is one of those options. However, we've known for sometime that grandpa was not really ready to do it but grandma is. We know they will eventually want to sell this house, but well, eventually seemed so far away ...
Today, grandma and I go to a party and she mentions that the flooring in the house won't be changed (despite her telling me all summer she wanted the flooring changed) becuase they will just have to leave it for whoever buys it. And she says it like new buyers are right around the corner.
What? Buyers? No changing the flooring? Huh? Someone please tell me what is going on here!
So I come home and tell dh what grandma has said and he decides that there may be more to this appraisal taking place than he originally thought (ummm ... yeah, I could have told him that @@). So I say that I guess we better start looking for a place to move and he tells me that no, it's not. Not until we talk to the gp's about what their plans are. So I assume and mention he will be doing it soon. Nope. He's going to wait until the appraisal value comes back. Excuse me? Huh? We are waiting? My guess is that if they are that serious, there is no better time for them to put the house on the market then in October, after they head to Florida. October. That is in, what? 20 days? Ummm .. and we will wait to ask them about it? They might be selling the house that we are currently residing in and he wants to wait to ask them about it? Please, what kind of logic is that? I dont' get it.
His theory, they haven't told us they intend to sell. They haven't mentioned that they are getting it appraised to decide if it's time to sell or to hold it. They haven't told us anything, aside from there will be an appraisal and then the comment I heard today. So he thinks that even if they want to sell, it won't be soon anyway.
So, now we wait. And hopefully they say something to us. Or my dh says something to them.
Here's my thoughts:
1. I like it here, so naturally I don't want them to sell it. Besides, my dh wants to buy it and we know we can not currently afford to buy in this area. So if they wait a little longer we can (hopefully) save up enough to buy this place. Yes. They are selfish thoughts.
2. They still have a business in the area. I would think they would sell the business first, then the house. Not to mention, almost all the family is in this area. Are they quite ready to be half a country away at this point? Well, I kind of hope not honestly! LOL! See, not all my thoughts are selfish!
3. If they do sell, then I want to be out of their house prior to this house going on the market. Again, a selfish thought ... I don't want ot have to constantly clean up after the kids, I dont' want to have this house show-ready at all times of the day, I don't want to have to leave if a realtor calls and wants to come over in a half an hour. Besides, non-selfish thought, I think the house would sell faster and do better if there wasn't our clutter here as well. It will be better for them if we are not here when they want to sell it. I would still be willing to come over and clean once a week to keep the house looking well, but then they don't have to worry about crowded rooms (and both our bedroom and the kids room look too full to fully appreciate it), our things being everywhere and the possibility of the kids making messes at all times.

So that's where it stands. Dh is telling me not to worry. He will handle it. If we have to move, he promises that we will not go back to a place like where we just moved from last year. We can't stay in a spot as nice as where we currently are, but he will keep us out of a bad house. He says not to think about moving yet, because for all we know, they won't really put it on the market and then we've wasted worry for nothing (well then just ask them now so we know for sure! LOL!). Also, he said maybe we can rent the house from them. We know we can't buy it yet, but maybe we can rent it for a while and see where it leaves us.

Then he says we should look at this as an opportunity. Maybe this is our sign that it's just time for us to get our own place. We know it will be crowded here with the baby, our family and the gp's all under one roof. So maybe we need to get our place with room and be excited about that. Also we talked about how he isn't exactly completely satisfied with his current job. Maybe, and this is a HUGE maybe (even more maybe-ish then teh gp's selling the house) that he will look into getting another job ... which means we could potentially move to another area ... even another state.

Wow. That's a lot of change to take all at once. Especially with a new baby coming. I am 27 weeks tomorrow. That leaves 13 weeks until my due date. I will be honest, I will not want to move prior to that due date, and I won't want to try to move with a 4 week old either! This is why I want to know now. I want to ask them if they indeed plan to sell the house. If so, when do they plan to put it on the market? If my dh is going to take this change to look for a job, where will he look? How far away from here is his range? Out of state? Which state would he want to locate to?

All of these questions in my mind. I'm not opposed to moving. I don't want to because I love this house, I love where it is, and I hate to think that the gp's will be in Florida full time :-( I've lived with them for a year now. I'm sort of attached to them. My kids are attached to them :-( I love seeing my 3 year old and grandma sit on the couch together and have a "conversation." Sometimes my kids read to grandma. M naps with grandma. Both of them love to play with grandpa ... to tickle him, to laugh with him, to just hang out with him. If this happens all that will be lost, and it's so magical - to watch my kids get to really know their great grandparents. That's not something a lot of kids get these days. That is really what will be the hardest part of all of this :-(

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Sis said...

I can't imagine they would just up and sell the place without talking with you guys first. I am surprised they haven't mentioned why they are getting it appraised...I mean, you do live there too. Weird. Hopefully you will get some answers soon :)