Thursday, September 29, 2005

Appointment today ....

Went in for the monthly visit today at 29 weeks 3 days.
Weight gain: 12 pounds
BP: 90/50 (she asked me if I had been drinking enough fluids becuase it was so low)
Baby's HB: 150's
And that was that.
Now I start every 2 week visits. I'm so ready to be on the 2-week cycle ... it means I'm getting closer and that is exciting news for me ;-)
I will get the 3 hour glucose test next Friday. They wished I would get it done sooner, but at the same time the midwife said it would be okay to wait that long since she's sure I'll pass it anyway. But htey would like me to limit carbs in the meantime and increase protein, which is fine with me honestly. No biggie really.
Baby is breech still, but no biggie. They won't care until 36 weeks and even then, not really care until 38 weeks. My second flipped late, so I'm not worried (but okay, I'm a tiny bit worried since I know I'm high risk for preterm labor).
And that about sums up my visit today.
So for the month of October, I have weekly PT visits (all on Wednesday), I will have 2 OB appointments, I need to make a dentist appointment for myself, we have my 5 year olds fine arts on Mondays, Ballet and Awana on Thursdays .... yeah, I get the feeling I'll be plenty busy for the next 4 weeks. So here's hoping the month of October just flies by. I would like to blink and be at Halloween really. That would be my ideal scenario ;-)
I have officially started Christmas shopping (one person is all the way done and several started). Okay, not much really, but enough that I'm excited about it LOL!
I'm also planning a big party for the end of October. I haven't done hardly anything for it yet :-(
I think tomorrow I may have to come on here and type out a huge to-do list. I have plenty to do for this party, plenty to try to do for Christmas (I would like to be done early this year), just general fall things around the house (i.e. summer things out of closets/dressers), I want to start getting things ready for baby (as a just in case), and then I would like to squeeze in some fun things for myself if at all possible.
But I am feeling tired just thinking about it all LOL!!! Oh well .. I will get through this month. Hopefully it will fly by. And before I know it, it will be November, and how exciting will November be? My dh will be done with his fall job, I believe the gp's will be leaving for Florida, Christmas will be out of the way, and life in general will settle down for a few weeks as we all wait baby's arrival.

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