Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Finally ...

We went to the hospital tonight to visit the labor and delivery department.
It's good enough. There is nothing really wrong with the hospital. It's pretty standard. I do think, however, the last hospital I used was a bit nicer hoenstly. I will say this hospital can accomodate sick babies, whereas the last hospital really didn't have any nicu. Not that we've needed one yet, and I don't plan to have to need one this time.
I don't know ... the hospital is nice enough. It works, it even does more than work. But even my dh said that the other hospital was just a tad bit nicer to use. Oh well. It will work. My midwives even have a special room there just for their patients. Of course, it's only one room, so if someone is there, I don't get it. But it's a room that's for labor, deliver, recovery and post partum. That means no switching rooms after having the baby and it's private. I would say though, I have slim chances of getting that room ROFL! But I'll dream about getting that one anyway!
There are 6 other private rooms available (for an extra fee on top of insurance) but I'm sure we won't be paying for that though. The rest of the rooms are semi-private ... 2 moms per room. They will though fill up each room with one patient before doubling any rooms up though. I am just assuming December is a busy time to have babies though, so I will probably plan on sharing. But we'll see. Dh and I will discuss it ... it would be advantageous to have him able to spend the night with me that first night if this labor goes like the other ones!
Anyway, at least we went and saw it. That was a big load off my shoulders. I was terrified my first trip into l&d would be to deliver! But it's not. And now my dh knows where the hospital is (although I went to the hospital to get my ultrasound done, he had not been there yet). So I guess that's good.
I'm still really in a bad mood hoenstly. I'm feeling very sore. Very tired. Very crabby. I have had to excuse myself from fun activities because I just can't walk a lot anymore. It just stinks becuase I still have 3 months to go. I can't imagine how I will feel in 2 months with how I am feeling right now. Tomorrow I go to the PT. I have about 5 new issues to bring up with her. I'm hoping that there is relief possible for all of those issues.

On a positive note, my dh's mom and stepdad were in town for a few days. It was sooo nice to see them, but certainly not nearly a long enough visit at all :-( Of course, I don't think the visit could ever be long enough. But we had a lot of fun with them, even if it was a short trip. We did do a lot of fun things ... well, I also did a fair amount of watching them have fun as I sat. Grrrr ... oh well. That's life as they say. But they left today (they came in Friday). We already miss them of course :-(

As far as updates: still no appraisal! Can you believe that? OMG! I hope they don't have to pay full price for it .. I can't believe they still haven't recieved it. That's just wrong. Wish I had a job where I could turn things in over a week late and get away with it.

Okay ... enough babbling for today.

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Sheri said...

This is going to sound awful...LOL but when I was in labor with my oldest I requested and epidural...the anesthesiologist came in and said someone else had requested one before me but he peeked in her room (I could hear her yelling and cursing people out three rooms away) and decided to make her suffer. (Actually he said a few other choice words and described her). WELL...lo and behold, after I had Dylan and was moved to my "new room" I had to share with her...and she just kept whining and moaning and crying about how she didn't want a baby. It was AWFUL! At 10 pm she was snoring so loudly I couldn't stand it and stomped myself out to the nurses station and asked for my own room! LOL...never had to share a room since.