Monday, September 19, 2005

No news

Well, no news yet. It's Monday night, but company has decided to stay. And no opportunity has come up.
Regardless, life will be okay. I'm not worried anymore. Mainly becuase I think that nothing will happen soon. And becuase even if something does happen soon, then I know that everything will end up being okay anyway. So no need to worry. The unknown is scary for me, but I just have to remember and remind myself that the unknown does not equal bad things. It's a lesson I'm trying to learn. I hope one day I am able to master that thought. For now though, the unknown will probably continue to send me into a tailspin of worry, anxiety and doubt.

On the other front, I am now 28 weeks pregnant. The end is looming no more than 14 weeks away. Although somedays I complain about it all and feel like there is no way I can survive another 14 weeks, I can and I will. I am getting more and more Braxton-Hicks contractions. My back is achy. I can't sleep at night.
But, I am so excited about this baby arriving. I can not wait to meet him/her. Surprisingly enough for me, I don't feel a ton of anxiety about bringing anothe member into our family. (Of course I have high anxiety for about 1 million and one other things instead LOL!).
I am hoping now that we are about to start fall, things will start to go very quickly. Now that we are schooling, my parents fall festival has started, then it will be Halloween, then Thanksgiving, and before we know it ... December will be here! The time has got to start flying though. It's been dragging ever since April and I'm ready to feel like it's all just whizzing by me! LOL!

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