Friday, September 23, 2005

I'm so freaking mad right now.
I failed that stupid 1 hour glucose test.
They are making me take the three hour. I told htem I didn't want to. The one hour made me feel like shit as it was. No way do I want to take the freaking 3 hour. I have to. Or they won't keep me as a patient @@ I told htem they could even just pretend I took the 3 hour and failed it. I would go on whatever diet they told me too, just don't make me take the 3 hour. Nope. Nope. "The one hour is not a diagnostic test. We can not make any assumptions based on it." Then I asked if the levels were really elevated or just slightly elevated. They wouldn't tell me at first @@ She said it didn't matter, it only matter they were elevated. I said I didn't care, I wanted to know how elevated it was for my own personal information. She sounded annoyed and told me it was only slightly over. Whatever. Geeze. Maybe I do want to switch doctors. I expect to be told my results, whether I was over by one point or 200 points and they are required to tell me the first time I ask last I checked. I'm paying them, they are not paying me.
Whatever. Now I'm crabby and I'm pissed. @@ This is such a PITA. Hell I almost threw up on Wednesday when I took the one hour. I really had wished that I had now. I wonder if I'll throw up during the 3 hour. This sucks. I am so freaking mad. Why can't they let me skip it. I'm willing to pretend I took it and failed. But noooo ... and if I was only slightly over and I really don't want to take the test (and yes, I'm extremely aware of the risks) then why are they making me take it? And if the freaking one hour test can't be used for diagnostic purposes why the hell did I have to take it in the first place? It's all such a joke right now. And I'm pissed off and mad. And I do NOT want to take the 3 hour. I just know, I'm going to feel like crap again for another entire day. Whatever.


Sis said...

That really sucks. I am sorry you have to get the 3 hour.

I hate that medical professionals act like your putting them out or making them to tell a secret they took an oath to keep when you ask for information regarding your medical records. It is a huge pet peeve of mine. I don't understand why they do that.

Tina said...

I'm sorry that you have to the three hour! I can't imagine not being told my results either. I would definitely be upset too...

Smoov said...

I can see why you are frustrated! But, I had to take the 3 hour test when I was pregnant with the twins and it really wasn't that bad. I enjoyed being able to sit and read in a quiet office for 3 hours. I hope it all works out for you =)