Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Still don't know ...

Company is here for a week visiting the gp's. Dh doens't want to ask until company is gone.
I have gathered this much information just from little things ... a change in ownership will happen, but when is unknown and the hope of the gp's is that it remains with someone in the family. One other family member is getting ready to sell where they live. Another family member might possible be selling as well. Which basically leaves those two to be the only ones who could afford to take gp's house. That's to my knowledge though ... I could be wrong.
Anyway, if I had to bet, I'd bet that one of those other relatives (specifically I think I know which one) might be the ones who will purchase the house. Dh agrees with me.
But again, there are like 2 small assumptions in there and one large assumption in there. And it's killing me to not know. And it's killing me to think we have to wait to find out. ::sigh:: I think dh should just try to catch one of the gp's and ask ASAP. Not that I think this will all take place in a week. But if the plan is for late winter, well then, I want to be prepared now. I don't want to move either 9 months pregnant or with a month old.
But who really knows ... well the gp's know. And at least one other relative knows, but that relative isn't saying anything (which I understand). And I'm thinking if that person knows ... then it involves them and I don't think the assumptions dh and I are making are all that huge after all ....

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