Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Sad news ...

My mom called me today. First of all, my mom does not usually call me. We both have nextel phones, so she normally just beeps me. The second she called, I just knew it was not going to be to chat about the weather. And it wasn't. My aunt has cancer. She has cancer of the lymph nodes and they found a spot on her pancreas as well.
According to my mom, the doctors are saying that the prognosis is good. They pretty much expect her to be in remission pretty quickly. They have removed several lumps already and will start the chemo in the next 2 weeks. She has some more tests to undergo this week and apparently after those tests, there will be more concrete information to share.
And here's where I get mean. This is not an aunt that I barely know. Not someone I don't see a lot. My mom has 6 sisters ... needless to say, I am not close to all of them. Really just 2, maybe 3 if you stretch it. This will sound absolutely terrible, but if I can't say it here, I can't say it anywhere ... why couldn't it have been someone else? Why her? It's not fair. She was in a VERY traumatic accident when I was about 3ish I think? Her car was hit by a train. Her car went flying in the air. She flew out of the car. She miscarried what would have been her 3rd child, first son, was never able to have kids again. She had to walk for many years with a cane, nad even today uses a cane when it starts to hurt too much. Was that not enough stuff for one person to go through in life? I know, it's not like someone is hand-picking who gets what disasters (at least I don't think someone is). But yet at the same time, I wish there was someone doing that so at least I would have someone to complain to. "No, no. Take it back. You've done enough to her for a lifetime. I think you meant to send the cancer to that person over there. Now, I demand you take her cancer back, or else I would like to speak to your supervisor!"
This just stinks. I'm very glad the prognosis is looking well for her. But you know, chemo isn't going to very fun for her. She is already feeling pretty tired and throwing up. I just feel badly. I feel cranky. I feel like sometimes life just sucks. And there really isn't any other way to say it.
Anyway, if you're a praying type, send some prayers for my aunt.

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Leslie M. said...

Brandie, I will be praying for your Aunt. It sounds like she's went thru a lot of hard stuff in her life.

PS: Glad to ya hear ya had a nice getaway.... I am feeling 'green' just thinkin' about it. : ) Now, waving my arms frantically, "Me too! Me too! I wanna day away, too!"