Sunday, July 24, 2005

Home sweet home!

It's so nice to be home again. Granted I was only away for one night, a whole 24 hours, but I like being home.
I have to admit though, I liked being away too LOL! See, my dh kicked me out of the house yesterday. He ordered me to go to a hotel, do whatever I wanted to do, rest, relax, and enjoy it becuase it will probably be the last chance I have to go away alone until the baby on the way is around 2/3 years old! LOL!
When I came home today, I was glad to be home, but I told him next time he sends me away, I want at least 2 nights to be away, maybe even 3 ROFL!!!!
My little trip away was kind of not what I expected either ... it was actually kind of a bad 24 hours, but good becuase it was nice to be away from it all.
Anyway, first I got lost on the way to the hotel, because I missed a turn-off, but I corrected it easily. I thought I was going to a hotel by a nice outdoor mall in the area ... I arrived at a hotel NOT by the nice outdoor mall ... it was about 30 minutes from it. I actually arrived an hour before check-in time (thinking I was going to be able to just go to the mall). So I drove around and got lost again - and did not find the mall in the process LOL! Finally made it back to the hotel to check-in ... the hotel was VERY busy. Almost too busy really - but oh well. Checked in and got directions to the mall. Thankfully yesterday was an absolutely BEAUTIFUL day so it was lovely to be outside walking around. I ate a lunch/dinner combo at The Cheesecake Factory .. yum yum!!! Then I walked around the outdoor mall for about 3 hours? I got a few maternity tank tops that were very much on-sale, and then 2 jammies that are for pregnancy/nursing. I looked at lots of stores, and didn't really find anything else to buy! I was really looking at a lot of tiny boy clothes, just in case we have a boy (since I have a wardrobe for a little girl) and I just couldn't find anything cute ROFL!!!
Then I went back to the hotel and half watched a movie while reading a book. I had wanted to go swimming, but the pool was packed with tons of kids and I didn't want to listen to them all yell and scream, so I stayed in the hotel room. I ate lots of snacks (I brought enough to stay there for a week ROFL!), read, and watched TV. Then I got sick ... blech ... I think it's probably becuase of all the food I ate, but I also got sick after dinner tonight so maybe my stomach is just freaking out again on me!!!! After all that, I jacked up the air in my room, cuddled under all the blankets and fell asleep.
I woke up all by myself this morning, not from an alarm, not from kids, not from other things, just when I was ready to wake up ;-) It was nice. I hung out until the last moment (check-out was at noon). And then I walked outside. It was a mere 102 degrees today. Yikes! I drove almost home, enjoyed a nice lunch at TGI Fridays and stopped at a store to buy a body pillow. And then came home! Honestly, were it not so hot today, I would have stayed away longer. I just really didn't have a place to go, outside of a mall, that would have been cool enough for me.
It was a short trip away, with it's ups and downs, but so worth it! I'm looking forward to when the baby on the way is 2/3 so I can do it again! ROFL! I already have the hotel I want to stay at picked out, and I will definitely extend the trip ROFL!!!
But it was nice to go and I LOVE my dh dearly for "kicking me out" for the night becuase it was such a nice thing for him to do!!! Well, he has been thanked several times since he suggested it this week ;-) ROFL!!!

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