Sunday, July 10, 2005

Another busy weekend ...

We were busy this weekend again. I'm pretty sure there is nothing going on next weekend, thankfully. And this should be a quiet week as well.
Yesterday we had t-ball trophies in the am - which was fun. Then I had to go to the doc ... bad news, I have a horrible yeast infection, good news, baby's heart is as strong as ever, I'm measuring perfectly and everything else looks perfect! Then I came home, packed up kids and I and the whole family drove to my moms. Hung out there, then went to family's farm for party. Ate, played outside, chatted, kids ran around, all fun. Dh took kids to my moms around 9:30 and I stayed late. They shot off fireworks and then mom and I hung out with an aunt and cousin until 2 am! Boy did I pay for it today! LOL!
Today I slept whenever possible pretty much. We were also in a parade. I think it was only 90 degrees out. Thankfully I didn't have to walk, I was riding, but it was hot just being in the sun! I thought I was going to melt. Then it was back to my moms to grab our stuff, back to farm to say good bye and time to come home!
This week I will (hopefully) be a busy little bee. We are planning a garage sale. We have brought home lots of boxes from storage to go through and I'm going to go through all the stuff taht is here now to decide what, if anything, to get rid of.
That's about it. Nothing else really to say!

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